Monday 6 August 2018


Well hello there!
Today is actually my 21st birthday so Happy Birthday to meee! So excited to finally be 21, I hope you all have a lovely week!
Welcome to another makeup collection series post I hope you are enjoying reading them, I have some YouTube videos on bigger parts of my collection if you're interested then my channel is always linked at the bottom of my posts. This post is all about the single blushers I have, any blush palettes will be in my face palette YouTube video as I have quite a lot. You know the drill by now I will show you what blushers I have then after I will talk you through my favourites etc.

Bare Minerals - Sorbet

I have got into blush a lot more recently, I rarely used to wear it but now I am applying it on an everyday basis. I don't really have a shade that I am most drawn to I like different shades of blush but I am enjoying more peachy tones as it is more warm for the summer. So at the moment my favourite is the L'oreal Life's a Peach Blush and I have been using this so so much lately. I am also obsessed with the Mac Pinch Me blush, this is probably the one I use the most as the colour may look a bit dark but this is the sheer tone formula so it's perfect for every skin tone.

So those are all the single blushers in my makeup collection!
Thank you so much for reading,

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