Monday 5 February 2018


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For today's post I am coming at you again with another review! This time we are going slightly higher end than drugstore, and it is for the Zoeva Basic Moment Blush Palette. Zoeva is not the most expensive brand, I think it is reasonably priced but it is slightly more expensive than drugstore. This palette is essentially a contour palette as it includes a contour shade, a highlight shade and a blush shade. Not quite sure why it is called a blush palette because it is definitely not, but nevertheless I do like the look of this palette and it costs £13.

It has cardboard packaging that is pink and white ombré which is so pretty, I love how simply and elegant it looks. It closes via a magnet which is very sturdy so it will shut securely, and it has very slim packaging as well which is good for travelling. When I open it up, straight away I notice there is not a mirror. That is a bit annoying I would prefer it if there was, especially because this is a more expensive face palette with only 3 pans. 
Besides that as mentioned there are 3 different products in this palette: 
Yet To Come (pink blusher)
Liquid Clock (light gold highlighter)
Unfinished (cool toned contour)

These shades, all 3 of them are very pigmented! Even swatching them on my arms, it shocked me how well they showed up. This palette I would say is more suited for light to medium skin tones, I can just about get away with it. The contour shade is definitely cool toned and a tiny bit too dark for me, but as long as I lightly tap my brush in the pan and get rid of the excess it looks really nice. The highlighter is a stunning gold shade, again is that tiniest bit too dark but I can get away with it. It looks so smooth on my cheekbones and I love this highlighter. The blusher is a coral colour, it is more of a natural shade and is buildable which I do like with blushers.

As always I have tested this out many times whilst at work, so that is a minimum of 8 hours. Whenever I come home after wearing this palette all day, it has stayed on and does look very good still even after a long day. As the blush is natural, it does not show up as much as the contour and highlight so I don't notice it as much even when first applied. However, the other 2 do still look very pigmented.

I have been using this A LOT recently and I have really been enjoying it. It has been in and out of my everyday makeup bag, as I have been using the Makeup Revolution Mega Matte Palette as well. The palette is super travel friendly with how slim and small it is, hence why it is in my everyday makeup bag because it can fit in there! To be honest I don't know why I haven't tried Zoeva products before, all their packaging is so nice and if their products are all as pigmented as this palette is, then I definitely am going to buy more.  As I have been using it a tonne, it is obvious that I do really like this palette and if you have not tried this then it is 100% worth it. This isn't even that expensive for how good the product is. If you are thinking of buying this, then you can here. There is also an eyeshadow palette in the Basic Moment collection, which is a very cool and neutral toned palette and I will link this here for you as well.

So that was my review on the Zoeva Basic Moment Blush Palette.
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