Thursday 31 January 2019


Well hello there!
I uploaded a post a couple of weeks ago telling you all about Spring time fashion trends and today I have a collaboration post for you to tell you all about the 2019 beauty trends. 
Clear out your makeup and beauty storage people, because a new year means lots of lovely fresh trends to sink your teeth into. In fact, you can find out about the most essential 2019 trends in so far in my post below.

Cheap and chic

Let's face it buying makeup and beauty items can be pricey at times, especially if your taste runs to Creme de la Mer moisturiser and Louis Vuitton lip gloss. However, one trend that is doing particularly well in the beauty market at the moment is the cheap and chic brands. You know the ones that focus on proving the material and equipment you need to have a go at the latest looks yourself, without needing to remortgage your house!

In particular makeup, brands like Makeup-Revolution do this well, and you can even get some products for under £10, like an eyeshadow pallete that can be used in multiple situations like in the day and in the evening. A price that means we won't feel so bad about indulging our makeup addiction!

Korean beauty

Korean beauty products were a strong trend in 2018, and it's and look as if 2019 will be no different. Of course, the main issue with this one is that it can be pretty hard to get your hands on what you want. In fact, sometimes the shipping prices are more than the actual products, and on some sites, you have to wait until you have enough for a bulk buy until you can order.

Luckily, you can now buy face moisturiser as well as other Korean beauty products, one at a time, from websites that ship to the UK with reasonable rates. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to, and with such an exciting range of products, available keeping your purchase to a single item may be a bit of challenge.

Glorious green

Green, it's the SS 2019 colour and believe me you will be seeing a lot of it. In particular, this tone will dominate the eye makeup game, with the pinnacle of this trend being a forest green metallic eyeshadow that is combined with copper and rose gold tones.

In fact, this is a look that is pretty easy to achieve, and not only looks classy but has some drama and and vintage elegance as well. Therefore if you are going to treat yourself to just one makeup item this season, make sure it's a green eyeshadow.

Two-tone lips

Lastly, if you want to keep up with all the Instagram makeup and beauty trends online, you'll also need to embrace the two-tone lip. This isn't too tough to achieve either as its all about using a darker colour around the outside and a lighter one in the middle.

In fact, it's sort of like contouring for your lips, making them appear more prominent. But beware the key to this trend is proportion and blending. Otherwise, you can look like your makeup got stuck in the 1990s, even though you were aiming for a 2019 trend!

I hope you enjoyed this post. let me know of any other trends in the comments.
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  1. I’m loving how popular green has become! It’s such an easy colour to wear xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  2. loving it as it is. lovely color

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