Monday 22 April 2019


Happy Easter Everyone!
Today I have another collaboration post with my blogger bestie Luci Barker, and we are bringing to you an Easter eye look. I hope you like both of our looks and don't forget to check out Luci's look here. If you've come over from Luci's post then heeeeey I hope you stick around!

The products I used:

YOU do not need to spend a lot of money to get a decently pigmented colourful eye shadow palette, because this one is amazing! I used this for the pinks on my lid, I did build it up in a few layers but that's because I didn't want a dark pink. I also used the yellow from the palette and again was very pigmented. This is only £8 which is an absolute bargain and I know Luci used the Revolution Marvelous Mattes colourful palette, which is half the price of this one so definitely check out her post to read her thoughts. 

This is the second time that I have used this liner and both times I have found it difficult to use. I feel like most drugstore dip liquid liners are not really that great so if you have any recommendations please let me know! I just found the applicator quite scratchy, and it's not a pointed tip either it almost has a small hard bit of plastic on the end. However, it was perfect for the dots on my lid! It's very cheap at £3, but I don't think it's worth buying.

I'm so chuffed that we can now get Shanxo's lashes in the UK, I love these lashes they are so perfect for everyday use. 

This mascara is only £2.50 and let me tell you, it is so good for everyday! I have had this for ages and it still has product! Primark was not messing around with this product.

My eye look:

As you can see I did half an Easter egg on my lid, I'm still learning when it comes to detailed looks like this but overall I'm happy with how it turned out.

Thank you to Luci for collaborating with me and thank you so much to you guys for reading,

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Saturday 13 April 2019


Hi guys, so I think I owe an explanation to my loyal readers (if I have any left at this point lol), as to where I have been for nearly 2 months.

If you didn't know I also have a YouTube channel where I upload videos twice a week, and I also have an Instagram where I upload almost daily. As you can imagine for someone who works full time, uploads 2 videos a week, spends a lot of time during the week doing eye looks for my Instagram and spending time with my boyfriend/friends/family on the's a lot. I just found myself pushing my blog to the side to focus on other things that I enjoyed doing more. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy my blog it just means at this moment in time I love uploading my videos and eye look photos way more. 

AlixKate is not stopping, I will still be uploading posts (I have a few posts in the works). I just will not put pressure on myself to upload frequently, it's better this way for myself. I also only want to upload posts that I am proud of, ones that I am happy with and ones that aren't rushed.

You may have noticed my blog theme has changed, that's because of a Pipdig drama and blogger's were advised to remove a theme if you have one from their website. For now I have a default theme, I may go back to the old one if it is safe to do so or I'll buy a new theme when I can afford it. 

I hope you can forgive me for not uploading in a long while but I am now starting to get on track and will have a couple of posts going up in the next week or so. 

Thank you so much for reading,

Alix xo