Saturday 13 April 2019


Hi guys, so I think I owe an explanation to my loyal readers (if I have any left at this point lol), as to where I have been for nearly 2 months.

If you didn't know I also have a YouTube channel where I upload videos twice a week, and I also have an Instagram where I upload almost daily. As you can imagine for someone who works full time, uploads 2 videos a week, spends a lot of time during the week doing eye looks for my Instagram and spending time with my boyfriend/friends/family on the's a lot. I just found myself pushing my blog to the side to focus on other things that I enjoyed doing more. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy my blog it just means at this moment in time I love uploading my videos and eye look photos way more. 

AlixKate is not stopping, I will still be uploading posts (I have a few posts in the works). I just will not put pressure on myself to upload frequently, it's better this way for myself. I also only want to upload posts that I am proud of, ones that I am happy with and ones that aren't rushed.

You may have noticed my blog theme has changed, that's because of a Pipdig drama and blogger's were advised to remove a theme if you have one from their website. For now I have a default theme, I may go back to the old one if it is safe to do so or I'll buy a new theme when I can afford it. 

I hope you can forgive me for not uploading in a long while but I am now starting to get on track and will have a couple of posts going up in the next week or so. 

Thank you so much for reading,

Alix xo

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