Monday 8 October 2018


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Today I have another review for you and this is on the Revolution Totally Soph Kit, this set is part of Revolution's Christmas gift sets. This set contains a contour kit, 3 lip glosses and an eyeshadow palette all 'inspired' by Sophdoesnails who they have collaborated with before. At first I thought yes Soph has come out with more products but I don't think these are actually her products she has come up with, it's just new products with Soph's name on them. The kit retails for £30 and believe me at first I was like I am not buying that it seems way overpriced for what you get in the kit, however it is currently on offer on the Superdrug website for £18 so that's why I picked it up. Lets jump into the review!

Contour Kit
I have been using this kit every day since I got this and I absolutely love it, the formula of each product is beautiful and blends out so well. The contour shade works really well for my skin tone if I go in lightly and build it up, again blends out super nicely and lasts all day long. The highlighter looks stunning but because it is a icy shade this will not work for every skin tone, as Sophie is paler I understand that's why they put this shade in but I wish it was more of a champagne/gold tone so more people can use it. It is not glittery at all so it looks very smooth on the skin which I absolutely LOVE!!!!, and it does last all day long. Also neither of the contour and highlighter shade have any fall out so that's an extra bonus. The blush shade in this palette is not my usual shade as I like more pink/peachy tones and this is more of a nude colour. It blends in very well with the contour shade so it's not completely obvious that you are wearing blush. This palette is a lot bigger than Revolution's other contour kits that look like this but it is still very travel friendly so I will be continuing to use this all the time. I also love the nude packaging!

Eyeshadow Palette
This palette is so perfect of for a minimal effort everyday eye look, the shades in it are not too bold so this would be really good for beginners. I just done a basic look with this using the 2 warm toned transitions and then put the pinky shimmer shade in the middle of my lid and that was it. The shades are very pigmented and blend out beautifully, the Revolution eye shadow palettes never disappoint me and this was no exception. The mattes do not swatch very well on my arm but they are very pigmented on the eyes, so don't always trust finger swatches. The shimmers are pigmented on my arm, but when you apply it to the lid I would 100% wet the brush to intensify the colour more. Again I love the packaging of this palette as well because it is also nude, I like the fact there is a window so you can see exactly what shades you get in the palette. 

Lip Glosses
I do not usually wear gloss but I feel like it is slightly coming back on trend, a lot of companies are coming out with new glosses and I've noticed that people are reaching for them a lot more. I first put a matte lip on and then put the 'Cake' gloss on top. Initially it looks stunning, and does not feel sticky at all. It feels quite moisturising actually, and feels really comfortable on the lips. I love the basic packaging with the black lid, and the actually tube is transparent so you can see exactly what colour you are getting. As expected the longer you wear a gloss, it starts to wear off and especially when you eat it just comes straight off. However, I do really like the formula of these glosses so I will definitely be wearing them more!

Overall I am very satisfied with this kit, you get a contour kit, eyeshadow palette and 3 lip glosses for such a cheap price. Although Soph didn't do this herself I still would recommend getting this if you are a fan of Soph and you need more of these products. I will 100% will be using the contour palette a lot especially for everyday use. If I feel like I don't want to put a lot of effort into a eye look and want to put something there, I will be using the eyeshadow palette because it's super pretty for a basic eye look. As I said I don't wear lip glosses a lot but I love the formula of these so if I'm feeling a glossy lip, I will be reaching for these. I love this kit and I am very glad I purchased it.

So that was my review on everything that you get in the Revolution Totally Soph Kit, if you are interested in buying it you can get it here.
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  1. I haven’t shopped at Make Up Revolution is so long, I really think it’s time for me to get back on that. I love the lip gloss shades in the kit, the eyeshadow might be a bit too warm for me but it sounds and looks like a great set

    1. Oh you should they have some great products! Thank you! Xx