Tuesday 8 January 2019


Well hello there!
Today I have a collaboration post for you, to show that you can indeed pull off any outfit.
Don’t we all envy that woman who can look amazing in any outfit? It doesn’t matter what shape, size, or colour it is; she can pick it up and rock the hell out of it. Then, we come along with our massive list of outfit no-goes. It can be both humiliating and exhausting, and you'd do anything to pick clothes without it being such a hard decision.

In reality, ‘that woman’ is often an illusion. Even if someone’s outfit choices seem effortless, the chances are that they aren’t. We ALL have limitations. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to be the woman who can wear it all, you can be. All you need to do to l is consider how to address those limitations. These vary, of course, so I can’t help you with every obstacle. What I can do is consider ways around the most common ones. Then, you’ll be free to apply the same rules to your unique issues. Before you know it, every outfit in that clothes store will become an option for you.

The ‘wrong’ colour

Most often, we all have a colour which we won’t go near. You know how it goes. The moment you put this shade near you, it turns your whole face a ludicrous colour. No matter how often you try, you can’t get it to suit you. But, did you know that issues like these are often to do with nothing more than your makeup choices? If you can’t go near orange, for example, it’s possible that you’re using a foundation or lipstick colour which doesn’t compliment. Play around with different shades of makeup. Try wearing lipsticks with pink or red tones. Just like that, you open up a whole new colour palette for yourself.

The boob conundrum

Our boobs often cause us issues when it comes to fashion. Whether they’re large or small, they can leave us unable to consider various outfits. But, again, this doesn’t need to be your fate. Never underestimate the power of a decent bra. Big boobs are often harnessed well with a proper underwire. Equally, padding can fill out the flattest chest in a low cut dress. Only in extreme cases, surgical options like those offered by Dr Tavakoli could broaden your outfit horizons no end. So, think twice next time you rule out an outfit on account of your chest and just go for it!

Your body shape

Last, we all have different body shapes. The chances are that you know whether you’re a pear or an apple etc. You probably think you know which shapes work on you. But, these safety nets are often false illusions. The fact is that every outfit is different. You shouldn’t avoid tight trousers because of your pear shape. You don’t need to forget about dresses if you’re an apple. Step outside your comfort zone, and use the dressing room for its intended purpose. You may come to consider outfits you wouldn’t have looked twice at before.

I hope this helps you step out of your comfort zone and shows that you can indeed pull off any outfit! All women should never feel like they cannot wear something because someone else to you 'looks better' in it. Go for it!

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