Wednesday 2 January 2019


Well hello there!
First of all hello 2019, I cannot believe we are here already. I hope you all had a lovely end to 2018, I have been ill for the past week so I'm not entirely loving life at the moment but nevertheless lets get on with today's post! I am of course going to be telling you what products I have been loving throughout December, I hope you still love reading these posts as they're some of my favourite to read.

Let's talk skincare!

December is of course the start of Winter and whilst most of us were getting excited for the festivities, the Winter weather has caused me to not only get ill but it made my skin extremely dry.

I was on the look out for a while for a moisturiser that would be good for a combination skin type. I googled a suitable skin care routine and a lot of them said to use more of a lightweight gel based moisturiser rather than a cream. To my surprise Revolution had just come out with their new skincare line, and I noticed they had released one and the name is literally 'Hydration Boost Lightweight Hydrating Gel Cream'. You can just imagine my excitement when seeing this on the website, but unfortunately it was sold out. I finally got my hands on it and I can safely say this is the best moisturiser I have ever used. It literally feels like you're rubbing water on your face, and it soaks really well into your skin. I have noticed a massive difference to my skin since using this, if you are after a new one then I would highly recommend this one! It's £8 which isn't the cheapest, but I promise you it is so worth it.

Not only did my skin start getting dry but it was also the start of the dreaded dry, chapped lips season. 

This is such a popular brand for lip care products, I for one had never tried this brand before until Chemist kindly gifted this to me for one of my Blogmas posts. I got just the standard lip balm in the tube with the flavour strawberry, this smells like strawberry sweets it's so yummy I could honestly eat it. It terms of the product itself, I cannot fault it. I am normally really picky with my lip balms because most of them can cause acne around my lips (which is the most annoying thing when you are prone to dry lips). This one fingers crossed so far has not caused any acne and it is very moisturising. Plus this has SPF 15 in it which is always a good thing and will protect your lips especially in the summer time and on holiday. For me there is a slight tingling sensation on my lips that I don't mind, I did google this and it says this is normal. You can pick this up at the moment for £1.79 what an absolute bargain!

Now it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't have a couple of makeup items!

I went into Primark a few weeks ago to get some bits and I come across their pressed powder, I know Sophdoesnails raves about this so I just had to pick it up.

I only have a few pressed powder's in my collection as I tend to just stick to the ones that I know will work for me, however when I saw that this powder is only £2 I had to give it a go. Can I just say that Primark are absolutely killing the makeup game with so many amazing products, and this powder was no exception! First of all this does such a good job of mattifying my skin, just switching up this powder into my normal makeup routine has made a difference to how long it lasts. The best part about this is how amazing the coverage is, I've never had a powder that has this good coverage as all my other ones are drugstore. People have compared this to the Mac powder so it must be good!

It would also not be me if I didn't tell you about a highlighter I have been loving.

As you would know I got this in a recent Beauty Bay order as it was on sale. I had been wanting this highlighter for the longest time, as I heard SO many good things about it. Nikkie Tutorials is the queen of glow so I instantly knew this would not disappoint. First of all they have completely changed their packaging and I love it because it's white and silver. This highlighter you guys is super blinding and is the most perfect shade for us pale girls. The formula is very wet looking and it looks beautiful on the skin, it never lets me down. When I want a highlighter to shock a few people I am instantly drawn to this I love it so much. This is expensive at £25 but let me tell you it is worth every single penny, you need this in your life!

So those were my December Favourites, I hope you all have an amazing 2019 and let's make it the best year yet!
Thank you so much for reading,

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