Thursday 7 December 2017


Well hello there!
First of all I just would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken time out of their day to read my blog posts, it means so much for me you don't even realise! Just a little shout out to my mum and boyfriend who are my biggest fans and are so supportive! I started this blog because I have a big passion for makeup and now that passion has turned into blogging about it! I can't believe I'm saying this because I just feel like time goes by so quickly, but I have been blogging for a month already! A MONTH!! So it isn't exactly the longest time but to me, after wanting to do this for such a long time I feel like it is a big achievement.  I wanted to do this post to reflect back on different things I have learned in the short amount of time of blogging.

1. The blogging community are full of the loveliest people
Other people that you may not have even met or spoken to can be more supportive than people you do know, I honestly feel like I have made a few friends already. A lot of bloggers/blogger pages do threads on twitter which gives you a chance to gain some new followers, and for you to get to know other bloggers as well. I luckily haven't come across any negative people which I hope I never do!

2. Buying a domain
To be honest I have heard mixed reviews on this subject but the majority say to get a domain, I've read mostly that people were so glad that they did it. I personally have not done this yet (but I will be next year) and I have read and heard that if you are serious about your blogging, then become self hosted. People have said that brands are more drawn to people that have their own website. Also, it must be nice to have more control over your website and to do whatever you want with it.

3. Brands will not come to you straight away
Now this is a given but it is true. I will sit there comparing my blog to other people who have been doing this for years! They get PR from companies all the time but this is because they have a huge following. If you try hard enough you will get there one day, it does not happen over night. 

4. Interact and engage on social media
The more time you spend spreading a positive attitude on social media, the more people will support you back. For me, Twitter has been the best platform for this, you can get involved with group chats, threads and just generally talking to other bloggers! Making friends is also good if you go to events as you won't feel like you are on your own.

5. Doing some research
I starting doing this after I began blogging, but it is just learning little things to help with your posts. Just an example - your photos, I have seen so many people say that they use wallpaper samples for their backgrounds. I think your photo can make people more attracted to read your post - this is something I definitely need to work on! I read and look at different peoples blogs all the time just to get some inspiration.

6. Finally - I have learn't what my true passion is!
If anyone knows me then you will know that I probably come across quite boring - I wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, have a shower and then go to bed. Then repeat. I have always loved creative writing, in school I really enjoyed writing stories because it was a chance for me to be creative and come up with my own twists in stories. I feel like blogging is a combination of creative writing and what you love talking about, which for me is makeup. I love the fact that I now work towards something instead of the same old routine. I have not done this for the freebies and getting paid for posts, I have done it to express myself and be proud of something that I do. It may be just a hobby to me at the moment but you never know where life takes you. 

Bit of a lengthy talky blog but I hope you enjoyed reading! I just want to say a massive thank you to anyone who has read, followed or interacted with my blog as it means so so much to me. At this current moment I have over 4.3K page views which in insane!!! I have been only been doing this for a month but I am so happy of where it is at the moment. I wish I started this a long time ago but I never had the confidence to do it. 
Thank you so much for reading,

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  1. I enjoyed reading the things you've learned in your month of blogging, I feel I've learned these exact things too. Congrats on blogging for a month, I can't wait to see what your next blogging steps are.

    Holly x

    1. Thank you so much! I am excited for the future of blogging x

  2. Congrats on blogging for a month! I haven't been blogging for a terribly long time but you learn so much from doing it and I can already see improvements from my first posts as I'm sure you can from yours too! I would recommend getting your own domain if it's something you think you want, I got mine through GoDaddy and it's quite cheap but I still use blogger to host my blog because I know how to use the platform and I have no problems with it

    1. Thank you and yes I definitely want to buy a domain after Christmas! Thank you you for the advice xx