Monday 11 December 2017


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I am going to review for you the Maybelline Superstay Foundation that is supposed to be full coverage and last 24 hours! I'm not exactly sure who would wear a foundation for 24 hours but I will test and note down what the foundation is like throughout the day. I have worn this a couple of times before but I did not really take note of what it was like. This foundation retails for £9.99 so it is a drugstore foundation and if it is amazing and full coverage like it says, then we will have a success on our hands!

Just want to briefly go over the packaging as it is a full review. I do really like the packaging of this foundation, it is a clear glass bottle with a white lid. It does look like luxury brand packaging which is a very nice touch. Obviously the product inside is what matters but I do like to tell you about the packaging as well.

For me I would say it applies better with a damp sponge, the coverage is a lot better this way. I have tried applying with a brush but I prefer it with a sponge. On my skin it is medium to full coverage, I can still see a couple of blemishes but it is not bad at all. The coverage of this foundation is amazing, if you apply one layer it is medium coverage but if you build up another layer it does end up as full coverage and it looks so flawless!

I am so so impressed with this foundation, my make up still looked flawless at the end of the night. I had a couple of areas that were slightly oily which were my nose and a little on my forehead, but that is very normal for me as I have a combination skin type. It does not come off at all or become patchy, it stays on perfectly all day/night. 

My opinion
I have tried this foundation a few times now and I must say I do love it, it's one of the best drugstore foundations I have ever tried. This foundation costs only £9.99 and I prefer it to other foundations I own that are double and triple the price. It claims to be a 24 hour wear foundation but who wears foundation for that long? I will say it does last me all day so I would agree on the claim to be long lasting but not quite sure about 24 hours. If you are on the hunt for a new drugstore foundation that is medium to full coverage, I would certainly check this one out. Just for reference I have shade 05 Light Beige, which I think is the lightest shade (not 100% sure on that). It is a fraction too dark but it works well with my pale complexion.

You can buy this foundation here.

So that was my review on the Maybelline Superstay Foundation.
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  1. Oo I'm in need of a new foundation, I might have to try this out!! Loved this post💛💛

    1. Yes you should definitely try it out! Thank you hun🧡🧡