Thursday 21 June 2018


Well hello there!
Welcome to the next part in my makeup collection series, this will be on the powders I have in my collection. Just a heads up, any big parts of my collection I will be doing YouTube videos on them instead as my post would be extremely long! I have already done my Highlighter Collection on my channel, so be sure to check that out.

Powder is also a big part in my makeup routine, if I do not set my foundation and concealer in place my face will become a hot mess. I have been on the hunt for powders that do not  just set my makeup but ones that do not cling to my dry patches and I think I found it!

Makeup Forever HD Powder

Affect Rice Powder

Powders play a massive part in my routine because I need to set my cream products in place in order to control my oils. I do also get a bit of dry skin so I need a powder that won't cling to my dry patches. I have my best pressed powder and my best loose powder. The best pressed powder I own is the NYX HD Powder, it is so finely milled so it doesn't cling to my dry patches. However it does flash back so I wear this during the day when I'm not taking any photos. The best loose powder I have is the Kat Vod D translucent one, it looks beautiful on the skin and sinks nicely in.

So those are all the powders I have in my collection.
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  1. Loved this post! the NYX powder is now my go-to thanks to your recommendation haha! I still need to try the Revolution one tho! 💛💛

    1. OH you're very welcome its such a good powder! xxxxx