Monday 25 June 2018


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I have another review post for you today and I am going to be reviewing the W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow Palette. You can buy this on the W7 website and it costs only £5.95 which is super cheap for a bronzer and a highlighter in one palette. 

The packaging is very drugstore like, I think all of the stars on the lid make it look like its aimed at younger teenagers. Nevertheless it is a pretty brown colour and this fits in with the bronzer. It feels super light which is another giveaway at the fact it is drugstore. When you open it up you are presented with the bronzer and highlighter, and this looks exactly like the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette. There is also a strip mirror in the palette which I don't really see the point of as you can see hardly anything in it. 


When I dip my brush into the pans there is the tiniest bit of fall out but really not a lot. When applying the bronzer to my cheeks to be honest it isn't really that pigmented, I like buildable bronzers but this takes many layers to build up. I only saw it a little on my face but the colour does look nice for a lighter skin tone. I flashed the torch on my phone and shined it on my face to have a look at how glittery it is, and my goodness it has so much! I mean if you like shimmery bronzers then you will love this but for me I wont be reaching for this everyday. The highlighter is light gold shade and is actually really pretty. It applies very nicely and does not have any chunky glitter in it at all, and it looks very smooth on the skin.

I feel like the bronzer may have faded away slightly and just left me with a glittery face but I might not have put enough on? I was really digging my brush in there and I couldn't see much. The highlighter was definitely still there at the end of the day so that's a plus.

I am not the biggest fan of the bronzer but the highlighter is super pretty! As said before I won't be reaching for this on an everyday basis, however if I do want that sun glow look I will be using this again. I do really like the highlighter, it looks more golden on the face then it does in the pan so I think this may be a tiny bit dark for pale skin tones. You are only paying £5.95 for a bronzer and a highlighter and I think that is a really good deal. If this is something you would like then I definitely would recommend it, it's not terrible it just isn't my cup of tea for everyday use.

So that was my review on the W7 Bronze & Glow Palette.
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