Monday 19 February 2018


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Makeup Revolution are a drugstore brand that sell very cheap products that have amazing quality, and I feel especially over the past year or so they have really stepped up their game! You're probably bored of me saying it but I love Makeup Revolution, so much that I own a lot of their products and I thought for today's post I would share with you my all time favourites. 

Ultra Contour Palette
I am pretty sure this was the first ever contour kit I ever bought, I have had it for a very long time - so long that the writing has completely rubbed off of the front! It is such a good travel friendly palette with sturdy plastic packaging and a big mirror. In this palette you get: 3 face powders, 2 contour powders and 2 highlighters. My favourite shades in this palette are the middle contour shade and the silvery highlighter. They all blend really nicely and it is only £8! It is such good value for money, and you can buy this here.

Conceal & Define Concealer
You have obviously heard all of the rave about these concealers and too right because they are so good! I have actually reviewed this which you can read about more in detail, but you will not be disappointed if you buy these. For starters they are only £4, the packaging is nice and it is super full coverage! I use shades C1 and C3, and you can buy these here.

Soph x Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette
This is a beautiful eyeshadow palette, you have everything you would ever need. I love how versatile it is, you can go for a basic neutral look or you can add pops of colour. It has a white and a black which I think is so crucial in any eyeshadow palette and it has beautiful shimmer shades for on the lid. The quality of this palette is amazing considering a price of £10! Some colours do require slight building but for the price you can't expect exceptional quality, you can buy this here.

Luminous Luna Liquid Highlighter
I am someone that does not reach for liquid highlighters all the time, I only use them occasionally so I would never have spent £30 on one. However, when Makeup Revolution came out with exact dupes of the Cover FX Enhancer Drops I could not resist. These retail for £6 which is insane, I have watched so many comparison videos and they are literally the same thing just different price tags. Now I have 3 of them, this shade in particular is my favourite as it is perfect for my skin tone and you can buy this here.

Mega Matte Palette
Since the first contour palette, I think they have changed their formula slightly because these powders are so soft, they blend out beautifully on the skin and they are very pigmented. This is not the most travel friendly palette as it is huge but the pan sizes make up for that I think. The palette has a translucent powder, a light powder, a banana powder, 3 blush shades and 2 contour shades. They are very finely milled and feel almost creamy to touch, I almost cried when the pan smashed in the middle of the contour shade. It is slightly more expensive at £15 but I think it is completely worth the price, and you can buy this here.

Soph x Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette
I have done a review on this as well but this is one of my favourite highlighter palettes. Purely because of the price and of how pigmented these are! My favourite shade is obviously the lightest one (as always) and I don't tend to go for the pink or purple shades. This palette is only £8 and you need to have it in your collection! There is also a shade for everyone, so again it is very versatile and you can buy this here.

Guest List Eyeshadow Palette
This palette is jam packed full of warm toned eyeshadows which are my favourite and the packaging is glittery rose gold - what isn't to like? I thought that these were limited edition, but they have actually confirmed they are permanent which is good because I love this collection. I have 3 of the eyeshadow palettes in the collection but this one is by far the best one in my opinion. The shadows do require a little bit of building but for the price, you can't really complain. It costs £10 and if you like warm tones like me then you should definitely try it! You can buy this here.

Platinum Ingot Highlighter
This is the newest product I have from MUR, I have not had it very long but I thought I would give it a quick mention. I must say that the formula is really different from their other highlighters, it is not powdery at all and feels very smooth when you touch it. This is the perfect shade for my skin tone as it is a white icy shade, and these are only £4! They come in 2 other shades Rose Gold and Gold but I think they will be too dark for me. You can buy this here.

Matte Lip Kit
I only reviewed this product a couple of posts ago, so if you would like to read that you can here. Again, such good quality for the price. These are very pigmented, I only needed one dip of the product to cover my entire lips! The shade I have Echelon is a beautiful pink/browny nude which I think will suit so many skin tones. They are a tad drying but every matte lip is going to be and they last for ages! These retail for £6 and you get the matte liquid lipstick and lip liner, and you can buy this here.

So those are my favourite Makeup Revolution products!
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  1. Great post & great picks! I haven't used makeup revolution in ages but after reading this post & seeing your favourites i think i am going to have to make a purchase, hehe! �� i especially want to try the liquid highlight & the new concealer as well! They are such a lovely brand & so affordable �� have a lovely day! X

    1. Thank you so much !! You should definitely try more of their products they’re so good! Xx