Thursday 8 February 2018


Well hello there!
I am kicking off today's post with the start of my makeup collection! I don't know about you but I am so nosy, and I love knowing what makeup people have in their collections. I am going to list every product I have of the particular item, and tell you what my favourites are.

Primark Primer Water

I actually have more primers than I thought for someone that does not use primer everyday. My favourite primers that I own are definitely the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer, it is so good for smoothing out your skin texture. The Primark Primer Water which is hydrating whist being tacky on your skin, and the Elf Hydrating Primer which is essentially a moisturiser. They all do different things but my skin changes day to day so depending on how it is on the day, I will use the appropriate primer.

So those were the primers in my collection! My foundations will be the next post and believe me, I have a lot!
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