Thursday 22 February 2018


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I am sooooo excited to be doing this post for you today, my boyfriend very kindly bought this for me on Valentines Day which I am so grateful for. I am going to be reviewing the Anastasia Beverley Hills x Amrezy Highlighter - eeeekkkk! When I saw all the press release for this I knew I wanted to get this, it looks so stunning and I have watched a couple reviews because well...I did just get too excited. This highlighter costs £29 and is limited edition which makes me sad, so I am so glad I got my hands on it. 

The packaging is beautiful, it is very sturdy plastic and it feels super luxurious. It has the black lid with the gold stars and writing on the front, and on the bottom it has a description of the product and a quote from Amrezy herself. On the inside you can see that it has a mirror which is nice for when you are on the go, and has Anastasia Beverley Hills on the bottom of it which makes it look more expensive. The pan I thought omg it's stunning. It looks like a wave in 3D and the shade is a pale gold. It does as Amrezy says, looks like a sun in a compact.

I could not believe it when I swiped my brush in it, but it has zero kick back. It is not powdery in the slightest and it looks wet on your skin! I love the look of this highlighter so much, I have never seen a highlighter look like this on my skin before. You really don't need to get a lot of the product on your brush because it is very pigmented. 

As always I test the longevity whilst at work, so I end up wearing the product for about 8/9 hours. I didn't expect no less from ABH but this lasted all day long with no flaws whatsoever. It was still fully pigmented when I went to take my makeup off and still looked as if I just applied it.

Do I think this highlighter is worth £29? To be honest it completely depends on what your opinion is on it, you are paying for the brand and Anastasia Beverley Hills is a high end brand. I only own a few of their products purely because I can't afford to keep buying high end makeup. So because you are paying for the brand, that's why it comes with the beautiful packaging and the amazing quality of the product as well. Also, this is limited edition so it is not going to be around forever. Yes - I do think it is worth £29, all things considered the highlighter is such good quality and looks amazing on the skin. Is it for pale skin? I saw so many people say that it looks fine on pale skin and that got me very excited as I was scared it wasn't going to. When I tried it for the first time, it does show up a bit too dark for my skin and you could see it when I looked forward. However, I do think in the summer when I have a tan this will look so much better and blend more into my skin tone. If you are even paler than me and you wear light makeup, then I do think this will be too dark for you which is so annoying. Apart from that if you have light-medium skin tones this will look stunning on you and I do really like this highlighter. Everything about it is all you want when it comes to highlighters, just wish it was a tiny bit lighter. I will be testing this out more to see what it will look like when I bronze up my face more and when I have fake tan on.

So that was my review on the Anastasia Beverley Hills x Amrezy Highlighter.
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