Monday 14 May 2018


Well hello there!
Today I have another drugstore haul for you, I have got to stop buying makeup now I honestly have no more room in my storage which is so bad. I Heart Revolution recently come out with some new exciting products so I have to share them with you!

I have more than enough eyeshadow palettes in my collection so I didn't need anymore, but for some reason I don't actually own any of the I Heart Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes. They have recently come out with 4 mini palettes, which is so ideal for travelling. I picked this one up because the colour scheme is much different from my other palettes. I love that it has neutrals with a pop of green. These mini eyeshadow palettes only cost £6 which is such a bargain, plus it comes with a mirror!

These eyeliner pens are so so cool they look exactly like those pens you used to use when you were younger, so I was automatically drawn to this. I got this brights pen because I have no coloured eyeliners in my collection, it has a a blue, purple, teal and silver. I am excited to experiment with different coloured eyeliner as I never have before. These pens cost £5 for 4 eyeliners which is amazing and these are so good for travelling.

I got another one of the multi liners and this one has 3 eyeliners: a black, brown and a nude, and a nude lip liner. I will definitely be taking this one travelling because it covers any liner you may need. Again it only costs £5, I haven't tested these out yet but I am looking forward to. 

I do not have many reds in my collection as I don't really wear reds unless I am in the mood to. I saw their new lipstick collections and they look stunning so I decided to pick one up. They smell like strawberry sweets so I love it already, but also the detail of the dragon scales on the bullet looks very impressive. It has quite a dip on the top which I have never seen before on a lipstick, and these cost £4. 

Revolution The 1,000,000 Palette
This is a limited edition palette and actually came free when you spent over £15 on the Revolution Beauty website.  They did this because they reached 1,000,000 followers on their Instagram page which is exciting. I don't actually think you can get this anymore so I am sorry for mentioning it but I did get it free with this order. It is a really sleek palette, much different to their other ones. It comes with 8 shades and a mirror.

So that was my mini haul!
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