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For today's post I thought I would talk about a few high end products, I don't usually do this as I am a drugstore gal but it could be good for people who don't have the money to buy high end products and would like to know about a couple of them. I don't buy high end products a lot, it is more of a occasional thing and I don't have much more than what I am about to show you. I have got together some face products, barring eyebrows because I only have drugstore products, and I am going to share with you what I love about them. This post will solely be on complexion products (baring one lip product), if you would like me to do a eye makeup version then please let me know in the comments. 

I know not a lot of people are big fans of this primer, but for me I love silicone primers to fill in my pores. This one is the exact same as the original Porefessional but this one just has a soft-radiance to the finish. The full size of this costs £27.50, but Benefit do minis so if you do not want to splurge completely without knowing if you like it, you can buy the travel size for £10.50 here.

Foundation - UD All Nighter
If you after a foundation that is super full coverage, lasts all night long (like the name suggests) and still looks flawless by the end of the night then you need this in your life. I am never disappointed when I wear this and I always rely on it when I am on a night out. It isn't the most expensive high end foundation costing £29.50 but it is still a lot of money.

Concealer - UD All Nighter
If you have blemish prone skin then you will love this concealer, I only use it for my blemishes because it is too heavy duty for under my eyes but the coverage is unreal. It does oxidise quite a lot so maybe keep that in mind when picking your shade, but I promise you will not regret purchasing it. It costs £20 and the only thing that lets me down about this is that there is only 3.5ml in the bottle.  

Powder - KVD Lock It
To me this is worth the splurge because I have dry skin, for ages I was trying to bake with other powders but they just clung to all of my dry patches under my eyes and on my face. However when I discovered this powder I have never looked back, it almost melts into my skin and does not stick to dry patches whatsoever. If you have normal/oily skin it might not be worth it but anyone with dry skin please give this a go! I have the travel size at the moment but I will be buying the full size.

Bronzer - Too Faced Matte
First of all it smells like chocolate (and not the chemically type) which is a winner for me anyway, but the reason I love this is because it is not extremely pigmented. Call me crazy but for us pal gals it is really easy to look muddy with a hell of a lot of bronzer on. I love this because it is buildable and not too much, they've got new packaging that is stunning which should persuade you enough as well.

This is an expensive palette, but I love this for the lightest contour shade because it is the perfect undertone for pale skin. It is not too cool or too warm which is what I like, these pans are very pigmented so just make sure to tap off the excess! If you don't want to buy the full palette I am sure you can buy the refills separately and just put them in a magnetic palette.

You've heard me bang on about this formula many of times before, but for anyone that is new - if you want a long lasting and blinding highlight then you will love this. It is extremely pigmented so be weary of that when applying. This is by far the best formula I have tried to date. The packaging is very nice as well, you definitely get a lot of product so this will last you a long time and you get a huge mirror.

Blusher - Mac Sheertone 
It is the same reason I love the Too Faced bronzer and it's because as it suggests in the name, a blush that is not extremely pigmented. I hate blushers that are too much, I like that subtle look so this was a winner for me! I use this quite regularly now and have learned to love blush, it is now included it in my full face routine.

Setting Spray - UD All Nighter
Can you tell I like this range?! I use this every time I go on a night out and when I come home it always still looks fresh, it looks as if I have just applied my makeup. The only thing I don't like about this spray is the smell, it does not smell very nice but I will deal with it because f the good results. I have the travel size of this but I will be purchasing the full size when it runs out.

Also another product I have mentioned before but I rave on about this formula all the time, it is very long lasting even when you have been eating. It is non drying, extremely pigmented and comfortable which are all things I look for in a liquid lipstick. If you have not tried this formula yet then you need to because you will not regret buying it.

So those are the face products I think that is worth the splurge, and if you would like me to do an eye makeup version then let me know in the comments!
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