Thursday 31 May 2018


Well hello there!
Here we are again, the end of another month! Only a few new makeup products for me and 1 skincare item, I'm trying to stop buying so much haha!

This lipstick on me is a kind of my lips but better shade, which is perfect for work. It is not a matte lipstick and I am loving it because it does not dry my lips out. I have been wearing it constantly when I want a bit more colour on my lips which is becoming nearly every day. It is super cheap as well as it is from Revolution, so you can pick this up for £3.

This is also another product which is good for day to day, it has really pale shades, a couple of warm shades and darker shades. I use the browny tones shades all in my crease and on my lid when I don't want to do a full eyeshadow look but I do want something there. I am definitely going to be reaching for this more as it is such good quality and the shades are really pigmented. This palette costs £18 which I think is a really good price, although I wish it had a mirror.

I have been using this every single day, I use wipes to take my makeup off which I know is very bad and I shouldn't but it is really quick and easy for me. I always feel like wipes do not completely take your makeup off, so I put some of this on a cotton pad and cleanse my face. There is always left over makeup/dirt on the pad so I definitely think this extra step is very necessary. I love this range by The Body Shop, it is very good for blemish prone skin.

I know this is a very expensive primer, I do have the travel size which I got in a set but if you have dry skin I think this is a very good primer. I used a matte foundation which normally clings to my dry patches, however when I put this underneath the foundation and set it with a non drying powder it did not cling to my dry patches whatsoever. I was absolutely amazed because I get self conscious about my dry patches as my skin never used to be like this. If you have dry skin I can assure you the Too Faced Hangover products work an absolute dream.

So those are my May Favourites!
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  1. I’ve heard soo many good things about the too faced primer, think I might have to give it a go!!💛💛

    1. It is so good honestly, so worth the money <3 xxxx