Thursday 17 May 2018


Well hello there!
As you know I have done a couple of posts on parts of my makeup collection, I will link the previous down below. This post is going to be on my concealers, again like my foundations I have way too many.

Primark My Perfect Colour Medium Coverage

Concealer is such a major part of my makeup routine for me, I cannot go a day without wearing it. Even if I don't want to wear foundation I will always have at least concealer and powder on. As you can see I have a hell of a lot of concealers and it's because I am always on the hunt for a new good formulated concealer that has very good coverage. My absolute favourite at the moment is the Urban Decay All Nighter because it covers my blemishes so so well and I wear it almost everyday. I know that is an expensive concealer so if I want a drugstore option I will always opt for the classic Collection Lasting Perfection. I do have a few green concealers because I get a lot of blemishes, and green contrasts against red. They cancel some of the redness out which is good for me. As you can also see I do have a lot of drugstore concealers and just a hand full of high end and that is just personal preference and that I can't afford to continuously buy high end products.

So those are all the concealers in my collection, I know I have too many!
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