Thursday 9 November 2017


Well hello there!
I have picked up these Makeup Revolution items over the past couple of weeks and decided to share them with you. I love Makeup Revolution, it is one of my favourite makeup brands. I think for the price of all their items, the quality is amazing! 
I'm not going to lie when I saw the packaging to the limited edition Life On The Dance Floor Christmas collection I could not help myself but pick a few things up (which are in this haul).

Life on the Dance Floor After Party Lipstick's
I bought this  from the Tam Beauty website and I love the silver glittery packaging. I got the shade 'Past Midnight' which is a deep berry colour and is perfect for Autumn. I have worn this once and I found it to be very pigmented, but I did need to go over it a couple of times during the night to get the full opacity. It was creamy and very comfortable on the lips. It was only £3, I think it is very good for the price!

I did get another colour in this collection, which is in the shade 'Stiletto' and this is a browny nude and oh my god... I LOVE this colour!! This is my new favourite nude lipstick for definite. The packaging for this lipstick is rose gold which I am also obsessed with. This was also only £3 which I think is so good for the quality of these lipsticks.

Life on the Dance Floor Eyeshadow Palette's
Ok so I could not stop there with this collection, I had to buy a couple of the eyeshadow palette's as well (of course). The first one I got was the Guest List palette which is jam packed full of warm orange/pink/brown shades. This is in the rose gold glittery packaging and I absolutely love it. These eyeshadow palette's are £10, which I think is amazing as you get a big mirror and 24 shades?! Can you believe that! I have not yet tried this yet but I think I might save it for a first impresions/swatches/review, what do you think?

The other eye shadow palette I got is called 'VIP' and this is in the gold glittery packaging. I picked this up because all of my eye shadow palettes I own have one thing in common, there are all warm toned! I wanted to try this palette as it has a lot more cool tones in it, and I want to see what they will look like on me. This is also £10 which does include the big mirror and the 24 shades. I still am not over the price for what you get! I have not tried this palette, but if i do end up liking it, I will definitely let you know.

Sun Kiss Highlighter
I picked this up in the shade 'Golden Kiss', I mainly got this up because I am missing a pale gold toned highlighter in my collection. If anyone has any recommendations, please let know! I absolutely love the Makeup Revolution highlighters because they are very pigmented! This cost's £5 and it is has a really big pan size so I think that is such a good price. 

Rainbow Highlighter
I got another highlighter (shocking I know), and this is their Rainbow Highlighter. These rainbow highlighters were hyped up so much earlier this year, and I just never got round to buying one. I have tried this out and I must admit it is quite a glittery highlight, which I don't mind at all, but I know not everyone likes that. You can use the individual shades but I just swiped over all of them and the overall shade has a light icy tone. This cost me £4.

Lace Baking Powder
This is the light coloured loose baking powder that comes in a little pot. I must admit I did think the pots were going to be a bit bigger, but trust me a little goes a long way so it will last a very long time! This colour is perfect for a paler skin tone, I didn't dare try the banana powder as I knew it would be too dark for me. The powder it is very finely milled and does look very smooth on my skin. This cost £5.

Bake and Finish Powder
I also picked up another powder which is also loose and is pure white. This comes in the same packaging as the Lace Baking Powder. I don't have a white baking powder in my collection so I decided to get this one. I am yet to try it so I am hoping it is good! This also cost me £5.

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So that was my Makeup Revolution Haul.
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  1. Oooh I love Makeup Revolution so much, their lipsticks are of such good quality! Loved this haul x

    1. I know I could not believe it when I tried them! Thank you it means a lot x

  2. I love Revolution make up! The packaging of the lipsticks is gorgeous! Can't believe they're only £3, will definitely have to invest next time I'm making a Superdrug purchase!- x

    1. So do I! It's literally one of my faves. They are so good I would 100% recommend x

  3. I’ve not heard of this brand before so thanks for sharing love the rose gold packaging too ��

    1. You're welcome! You should definitely check them out, they have some great products!