Thursday 30 November 2017


Well hello there!
I thought I would share with you my everyday makeup routine which takes me no more than about 20 minutes. Most of that time is doing my eyebrows but hey ho, what can you do when you haven't got natural and beautiful eyebrows. I will take you through every product I use and in what order. 
 First things first foundation
I always start any make up look with foundation, I'm not brave enough to start with eyebrows. I seriously don't know how people do that without messing their eyebrows up! I have absolutely fallen back in love with the L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Full Coverage Longwear Foundation. I had not used this for such a long time and now I use it every day. I tend to go for full coverage foundations that will last all day.

Now the best part..eyebrows. To put it bluntly I do not have the most natural looking eyebrows when I do my make up, but that's fine because I love the way they look. I try to make them faded at the front but it always is a fail so I just make them blocky. I use the Freedom eyebrow pomade in the shade 'Soft Brown'. Which people could also say is too dark as I have dark blonde hair but as I said, I love them that way.

The concealer I use does vary from time to time but at the moment I am using the Colourpop no filter concealer. I featured this in my October favourites, which if you have not seen yet (click here). I only really use this to cover my blemishes on a day to day basis, as I'm not really bothered about covering my under eyes everyday as I am lucky enough to not have really dark circles.

Face powder
As I have an oily t-zone I like to use matte powders. There have been 2 that I have been using lately and the first one is an absolute classic - the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and the NYX HD Finishing Powder in the shade 'Banana'. The Rimmel powder has never failed me and I have re-purchased this on several occasions because it does the best job at mattifying my skin. I use the NYX powder for the day time only, a HD powder is good to use for work as I know I won't be taking photos. If I was to use this on a night out, it will leave white cast when taking flash photography.

I really struggle finding cheaper options for a matte bronzer so I always seem to go back to the Rimmel Natural Bronzer. I don't find it to be too orange or too dark for my skin tone, I love how well it applies and it never disappoints me! If anyone knows of any good ones, please let me know as I would love to try new ones!

Contour & Highlight
For everyday I will use the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette. This has everything you need for contouring - the contour shades (3), matte highlight shades (3) and the shimmer highlight shades (2). I use the palest shade of contour which is perfect for my skin tone and I use the silvery shade for my highlight. I love this highlight because it is perfect if you want an in between na and blinding highlight. Admittedly I don't use the matte highlight shades as I just use my face powder. 

I am not a massive fan of blusher so I don't use it everyday but if I feel like putting it on, I will use the Mac blush in shade 'Pinch Me' which is good for pale skin using a light hand. I will wear blush for a night out but not really for work.

I do tend to change up my mascara's quite a lot as there are always new ones that are hyped about on social media, but my favourite mascara of all time is 100% the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I do love the Mac Bold & Bad Lash Mascara which I have been using a lot recently, so I am currently switching between using the Mac Bold & Bad Lash and the L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll - which is just as amazing and a lot cheaper!

I don't wear lipstick on a day-to-day basis but when I do I always go for a nude lip. I use to use Mac Velvet Teddy all the time, but until recently I have been wearing the Makeup Revolution Stiletto lipstick. 

Setting spray
I also don't wear setting sprays on a day-to-day basis but when I feel a bit too powdery on my face, I use the Elf Matte Magic Mist & Setting Spray. I generally really like this setting spray, I feel like it melts all my make up into my skin and makes it look smooth.

So that was my everyday makeup routine.
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