Thursday 23 November 2017


Well hello there!
Can you believe it is nearly December already? I honestly don't know where the time has gone, it's crazy.
I have been browsing around the internet for beauty advent calendars, as I feel like they have become way more popular over the past couple of years. I have picked out a few that I really like the look of and would love to purchase.

1. Makeup Revolution
Of course I had to talk about this one! I love Makeup Revolution so I am really really tempted to buy this one! You do get the full 25 days with a good range of their products including: 3 baked highlighters, 1 bronzer, 6 lipsticks, 4 makeup brushes, 1 eye shadow primer, 1 liquid highlighter, 1 mirror, 2 pressed highlighters, 2 strobe balms and 1 eye shadow palette. How amazing is that, and the price at the moment is only £30 down from £50! What an absolute bargain, I think that is such a good price considering how much these all add up to originally and you can get it for just over half the price.

2. NYX
If you love your lippies you will love this advent calendar! It has 24 doors with a range of their lip products including: 4 matte lipsticks, 3 cream lipsticks, 2 chubby lip creams, 4 liquid lipsticks, 3 matte lip creams, 3 regular lipsticks and 5 creamy lip glosses. If you are open to a range of different formulas and colours you will enjoy opening each of these doors. This calendar costs £50 which is not as cheap as these other calendars but as I said if you are a massive fan of NYX lip products you will love this.

3. Soap & Glory
I have watched an unboxing of this calendar and there is a good mix of makeup and skin care products. I love Soap & Glory makeup I think it is really good and it is affordable as well! If you have not tried any of the Soap & Glory products I feel like this is a good way to find out if you will enjoy them. This retails for £40 and has 24 doors also, you do get a good selection of products to try in this calendar.

4. Sleek
 I really love the variety of products you get in this advent calendar. You do get makeup obviously but you get brushes and nail varnishes as well! I think Sleek Makeup is a really underrated brand because I really enjoy their products but I don't see a lot of people talk about it. You get 25 products in it which is great, so I think it is definitely worth the money as it's only £35.

5. Clarins
So this is the most expensive advent calendar I like the look of. It retails for £60 and it only has 12 draws. I know that is more pricey for only 12 doors but Clarin's is an excellent brand. If you like to invest in amazing skincare then you will appreciate this advent calendar. Even the packaging of this advent calendar is luxurious! You get mostly skincare but you do get a few makeup products as well.

Where you can buy them:
Soap & Glory - (this is out of stock at the momentšŸ˜¢)
Sleek  - (this is out of stock at the momentšŸ˜¢)

So those were my beauty advent calendar picks! Sorry for the short post but I did want to share with you some that I like the look of. Hopefully you have seen a couple that you like as well!
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