Monday 13 November 2017


Well hello there!
I thought for today's blog post I would do my first review for you! The review will be on the Guest List eye shadow palette that was mentioned in my Makeup Revolution haul. Which if you have not seen yet then you can by clicking here.

Firsts things first...the packaging
If you could not tell from my haul, I am OBSESSED with rose gold. I think it is such a pretty colour and the fact that it is glittery as well? My perfect combination and it screams my name! It is very unique to other Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes and unless I have missed it, I don't think I've ever seen this sort of packaging before. 

My first impressions
In this palette you get: 24 beautiful shades - a good mix of mattes and shimmers, a large mirror and a name sheet for all of the shades. In natural light a lot of the colours do look the same but when I put my flash onto it, some groups of the same shade are similar but you can tell a slight difference. 

The interesting part...swatches
Top row:
Second row:
Third row:
Fourth row:
As you can see they look slightly patchy so they don't exactly swatch very well, but I don't judge it just from swatching on my arm, as they may look different on my eyes! The darker shades swatched a lot better than the lighter ones, the first couple of shades did not show up much on my arm.

My look:
Disclaimer - I am not a makeup artist/photographer in any way so these pictures may not look the best!

My thoughts
After playing around with this palette I have come to the conclusion that it actually is really good. Is it the best eye shadow palette I have ever tried? No - but it isn't exactly the most awful palette either. Despite the swatches not coming out the best, the colours blended out quite easily on my eyes and they are really pigmented! The shimmers do not show up if you use the brush dry, but as soon as you spray your brush with some setting spray the shimmers look amazing! I did not get to use all of the colours but from what I did use they were a bit powdery and did have some kick back, but I would rather that if it means they will be pigmented. I think for £10 the quality of these eye shadows is insane for the price. I would completely recommend it to you guys if you are on a budget or looking for something new to try, especially if you like the colour arrangement in this palette.

You can buy the palette from here:

So that was my review on the Guest List eye shadow palette.
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