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I was watching a YouTube video by CocoChic and she was doing a full face of W7 Cosmetics. When she was testing the eye shadow palette, it looked a lot like the Modern Renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills! So after watching the video I had a browse on the W7 website and I come across an eye shadow palette called 'W7 Blazin'. When I looked at the images of the eye shadows, it looked EXACTLY like the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. I do own the Urban Decay palette so I thought why not do a possible dupes post? I bought it straight away and I was so excited to try it out! The Naked Heat Palette palette retails for £39.50 and the W7 palette only retails for £9.95! So if it is a dupe then that price difference is insane.
These are what the palettes look like next to each other:

Lets talk about the first thing you see...the packaging
This was going to be obvious but comparing both of the packaging, they are very different from each other. The Heat palette looks very luxurious and sleek, it also feels heavy. On both sides of the box it shows you the shades that you will be getting in the palette. On the back it has the shade names, an image of the brush that is included and a brief description of what types of shades are in the palette. It is all cardboard packaging and it has a tray that slips out of the box, that has the palette inside. The palette itself is completely plastic, and on the lid it looks 3D with the name that pops out at you. The overall colour of the packaging is a light orangey yellow colour, with the box being more of a light brown with red and orange tones. 
The W7 palette on the other hand is the complete other end of scale which you would expect for the price. It feels extremely light and it looks basic. I don't really like the packaging of their palettes as they are a tin material which is not very appealing in my opinion. The overall colour of the palette is more red toned with yellow and orange. On the lid it tells you the name of the palette and what types of shades will be in it. On the back there are images and names of all the shades you will be getting. 

My first impressions
In the naked heat palette you get 12 gorgeous warm toned shades (my favourite!), a very good quality double ended brush and a mirror! There are 4 shimmers and 8 mattes. Personally I never really liked any of the other Urban Decay eyes shadow palettes but this one is most definitely something that is more me. The mirror is a bit awkward for travelling as you can't see your whole face but a mirror is better than no mirror. The colours are absolutely stunning and it is one of my favourite eye shadow palettes.
In the W7 palette you get the 12 shades and a double ended brush. My my the shades look exactly the same! You also get the 4 shimmers and 8 mattes exactly like the Heat palette. The brush is very cheaply made but it is nice that they have included one. I was taking a close look at the packaging and the eye shadows and brush are in some sort of material that is not attached to the actual packaging, you can literally take it out of the tin...That is not very practical and the brush does not sit in it's place properly so all you can hear is it rattling around when you travel with it.
Blazin' - top, Naked Heat - bottom.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette:

W7 Blazin' Palette:
My oh my do they look so similar!! When I swatched these I was so shocked! The W7 eye shadows did swatch quite patchy and powdery as you can see, but apart from that they look identical.

The quality
Obviously the real test is the actual quality of the eye shadows, as that it what really matters. There is no doubt in my mind that the Urban Decay palette is one of the best quality eye shadow palettes that I have ever tried. The quality is unreal and the colours blend out beautifully. The shimmers are good dry but they might need a little help to intensify them with some setting spray but which shimmer doesn't? Once you wet the brush and put it on your eyelid, the colour looks absolutely stunning. My favourite shimmer in this palette is called 'Scorched'. The mattes are VERY pigmented so you really do not need a lot on your brush. It does not take long to use this palette as the shades blend out seamlessly and with not a lot of effort.
The W7 Blazin' palette was most certainly a different experience but quite surprising as well. The fall out and kick back of these eye shadows was definitely a lot worse than the Urban Decay palette (which did not have a lot), but that is what you expect for a palette a quarter of the price. The eye shadows are not as pigmented as the Heat palette on my eyes compared to the swatches, but they are buildable which is great. They mattes are nicely pigmented but you do need a few layers to really build up the full colour. The shimmers however are difficult, I can't say I like them because I really don't. You most definitely need to wet your brush, but I feel like it is only a colour with the littlest amount of shimmer in it. I found that the swatches make the shimmers look very promising but when you put them on your eyes, it is a different story. No where near as good as the Urban Decay palette. Apart from that, I was quite impressed with the matte shades the first time I tried this palette, but after the second time I was convinced that they are indeed really good. 

My overall opinon
After wearing the W7 Blazin' palette a couple of times I must say it is a really good copy/dupe of the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I don't really like the shimmers which is a shame but the mattes however are a decent quality! They didn't look patchy on my eyes whatsoever which I do find sometimes with cheaper eye shadow palettes. If you can afford the Naked Heat palette then I would definitely recommend it because I think it is completely worth the money. From the packaging to the quality of the eye shadows, you will not be disappointed. However if you are on a budget and you want to try something very...very similar then I would give the Blazin' palette a go. I would not say it is a 100% complete dupe as the quality is no where near the same, but if you want to achieve the same look then would say it is pretty close to the Naked Heat palette.

Where you can buy them:
Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette
W7 Blazin' Palette

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you would like to read more dupe posts then let me know! I would be more than happy to do that for you.
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