Thursday 11 January 2018


Well hello there!
This may only be the third time receiving Glossy Box, but I am still loving them. I can't get over how good they are, especially for what it is worth compared to the £10 you pay for the box. This box is for the month of rejuvenation!

In this months box you get:
Boots Beauty Beneath Supplements - These supplements have 19 nutrients in them which is supposed to help make your skin healthy and glowy. They boost your own collagen production, fade fine lines and wrinkles while giving you very soft skin. You take 2 capsules a day and around 4 weeks is when you will see results. I might give these a go! I'm not that great at taking tablets but you never know it might make a really good difference. They have given the whole 4 weeks supply and these retail at £39.99.
Apicia Cream Blush - This a 'deep honey pink' cream blush that claims to nourish your skin. I have just swatched it and the colour is a super pretty light pink/coral colour. I don't really use cream blush but maybe this will convince me to use it more often. This is a full size product that retails for £22! 
Nail Medic Nail and Cuticle Energizer - This is a reparative oil that will give some TLC to any brittle nails, split cuticles or dry skin. I have never heard of this brand before but they sell all sorts of treatments for your nails so I am interested in seeing how good this is. It is full size and retails for £5.99.
Evelyn Iona Cosmetics Green Tea Primer - This primer has moisturising ingredients including avocado oil and green tea extract. I am quite excited about this primer as it claims to nourish and protect your complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores and makes your makeup last longer. It is also cruelty and paraben free, I hope this works because it sounds very promising! This is a full size product (which is quite small) and retails for £22.
Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil - Now facial oils are that one product that scare me, to me facial and oil just don't go together. However, this does smell amazing as it is scented with rose. I do want to try them, I think it's because I'm worried I will break out as I have a combination skin type. Whether or not I end up trying it, it does retail for £55 at full size so I am happy they have included this as maybe one day I will face my fear!

So that was the January 2018 Glossy Box - bit of a mixed opinion about this month, but mostly good. It is so nice to have new things sent to you every month so it isn't just the same old same old.

You can sign up for Glossy Box (here), or if you use my code ALIX-R3 you will get a 20% discount!
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