Monday 15 January 2018


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As soon as this concealer was announced from Tam Beauty  - no second thoughts I just ordered it straight away. I absolutely love Makeup Revolution as you may know, it is my favourite drugstore brand. I ordered mine in the shade C1 as this is the palest shade (pretty standard for me), speaking of shades...they have 18! How amazing is that especially for a drugstore brand to come out with 18 shades, I am very impressed! This concealer claims to be full coverage and I have already seen people comparing this to the Tarte Shape Tape, so I am very excited to try. Oh and it only costs £4!

I LOVE the packaging for this product, as it has a rose gold lid and label. It holds 3.4ml of product, which isn't a lot compared to other concealers but for such a low price I don't mind buying more of them, (I already have shade C3 on the way...ooppss!). It has a big dofer applicator which I do like, which hopefully means it will be easier to apply. 

The formula of this concealer is thick, not too thick but enough to hopefully have a really good coverage. I really like the formula as I feel like it will actually do what it claims, I don't like it when a concealer is super thin. I am a big fan of the dofer applicator as it does spread the product much easier. I applied this under my eyes and on my blemishes as well using a damp sponge. On my blemishes I did have to apply a second layer as you could still see the tiniest bit of redness peaking through, I applied the second layer with my finger and the coverage was slightly better. Under my eyes however, wow! It blended out so effortlessly and it looked amazing, it definitely is medium to full coverage and I was extremely impressed considering the price tag of it.

I tested this concealer on a night out and I was wearing this for about 8 hours, I was seriously shocked that it still looked really good under the eyes. On my blemishes, it did slightly wear off but considering I was wearing it for that long it wasn't a big problem.  It did not look cakey or bunched up under my eyes, it still looked smooth and flawless.

Straight up, I love this concealer and it has now made it's way into my everyday makeup routine. I know I said I was impressed with the application but I am super impressed with everything about this concealer. Even though it has 3.4ml of product in it, it is only £4 - I honestly will have no problem re-purchasing this! The fact that it is cheap, good packaging, medium-full coverage, comes in 18 different shades and long lasting - what else could you want?! If you have not tried this yet - you NEED to! I have read/heard so many good reviews on this already and the fact that it was sold out for a short while, just goes to show how much of an impact this concealer has made in the beauty world. If you have already watched/read good things about this I hope this has convinced you even more!

So that was my review on the new Makeup Revolution concealer.
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