Monday 29 January 2018


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Another review for you, and this is for the Soph x Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette. I love this palette and I just really wanted to talk to you about it. Sophie (Sophdoesnails on YouTube) also has an eyeshadow palette which I have mentioned in previous posts and I love that as well! It comes with 8 different shades, 4 of them are for lighter skin tones and the other 4 are more suited for darker skin tones. This palette retails for £8 which is so cheap already, so let's see if it is worth buying...

The packaging is a nude and a very sturdy plastic which matches her eyeshadow palette packaging. I do love it because it is different to the normal Makeup Revolution components. It has a window on the front so you can see all of the shades with 'Soph x' in the middle of the window so you know that this is her product.  It has 5 baked highlighters and 3 pressed highlighters, and the majority of these shades are neutral barring 2 of them which are a light pink and a light purple.

The first group of four (for lighter skin tones)

The second group of four (for darker skin tones)

As you can see from the swatches, they look so pigmented and incredible! They do feel slightly dry when swatching but that does not effect the blinding power of these highlighters.

When I applied this to my cheekbone, my mouth literally dropped to the floor with how pigmented this is. I used the lightest shade in this palette as I felt like it would work really well on my skin tone. You don't even need to build this up because it is so blinding with one tap of the brush in the pan. The colour is so pretty as well, it's the perfect icy white shade which is amazing for pale skin tones.

I always do my wear tests when I'm at work because if it can last 8 hours on my face, then it's a winner! The highlighter was definitely on my face and still pretty blinding when I got home from work. It did not wear off or go patchy in any way, it still looked amazing!

This palette is so diverse, there is a shade for every skin tone. That's what I love about this palette - no one is left out, she thought about everyone and not just her own skin tone. Besides that I think the quality of these highlighters are 100% one of the best drugstore highlighters I have ever tried. To be honest I am not surprised because I don't expect any less from Makeup Revolution and especially because Soph made these, you knew these were going to be amazing! If you are on the hunt for a new highlighter palette that is drugstore, has incredible quality and you are yet to check this out, then I strongly recommend you do. I have started using this more and more because of how good it is and I am never disappointed. Also this palette is vegan and cruelty free!  

You can buy this here.
So that was my review on the Soph x Makeup Revolution Palette, if you have tried this let me know what you think!
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