Monday 22 January 2018


Well hello there!
I was in my local Primark the other week and I have really been getting into their makeup a lot recently, I've tried their semi-matte foundation and I love it! I really wanted a palette to test out for you guys, and I've picked up their highlighter palette 'Luna Glow'. This palette only costs £5, so we will see if this is any good.

To me, this packaging is stunning to look at and it feels super light. It is made out of cardboard and has a silver glittery design, it is not that smooth glitter as you can feel the material but apart from that I like it. 
Inside, there is no mirror and are 4 shades: 
Spectrum - a straight up metallic purple with blue reflexes 
Backlight - a reflective green
Chroma - a silvery blue
Opaline - a pink with purple reflexes

As you can see from the below picture, they do not swatch very well. The shades are quite chunky so they don't have a smooth consistency.  When swatching with my fingers they felt quite powdery and dry, which I don't really like but if they work then they work.

When tapping my brush in the pan, you see straight away that these highlighters are quite powdery which I don't mind just as long as the product is good when applied. I applied one layer and it definitely shows but to me it was not blinding enough. I applied a second layer and it was much better! Much more intense and noticeable. As these are not 'wearable' colours, you can see the stroke of colour on your face which was expected.

I wore the shade 'Chrome' to work one day so it was on for about 8 hours. To be fair when I got home it was still pretty blinding so I am really impressed. It did not start to fade or come off at all, which is really good especially for the price of what I paid for this palette. 

To be quite honest I don't love palettes like this that have shades that in my opinion are not very wearable. However, I don't mind having a palette like this in my collection as it is very different to other highlighters I have. If you like colours like this then I think it is worth giving this palette a go. The quality of the highlighters may not be the best but they still work.  I mean for £5 you can't go wrong, but I think they are definitely other drugstore brands that have highlighters that are better quality even at such a low price.

So that was my review on the Luna Glow palette by Primark,
Thank you so much for reading,

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