Thursday 4 January 2018


Well hello there!
As I have written about my everyday makeup routine previously, which if you have not read yet you can here. I thought it was only fitting to tell you what brushes I like to use every day as well!

For my foundation I like to use the Morphe G39 which is a fluffy rounded brush. I find this brush to be perfect for blending out my foundation, it does look streaky at first but the more you work it into your skin then the smoother it looks. This brush costs £9 and you can get this from BeautyBay. I do use the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge occasionally, which I love as well which costs £7.

If I use a pomade for my brows instead of the Goof Proof pencil, I use a *fake* Anastasia Beverley Hills Number 14 Dual Sided Brow Brush. I bought this from Ebay a couple of years ago as I could not contemplate spending £18 for an eyebrow brush. It has a spooly one end and a thin angled brush the other end. The fake one I have does what it is supposed to and have used it for a couple of years now. I should probably get a new one, the real one this time! This did not cost a lot at all as it was from Ebay, I cannot remember how much as it was a long time ago.

For powder I actually use the Avon All-Over Face Brush. I feel like Avon is not talked about a lot on social media, but I really rate their brushes! They are very soft and distributes the product nicely over my face. This brush costs £8.50 which is fairly standard for make up brushes.

For bronzer I use the W7 Cosmetics Blusher Brush, to me it does not look like something you would use to put blush on as it is a really big brush. I do use it for bronzer however and I like big brushes to get the bronzer all over my face. It is not as soft as the Avon brushes but it isn't scratchy either. The brush costs £5.95, and the price explains why it is not as soft as other brushes that are slightly more expensive. Despite that, I really enjoy using this brush.

For contouring I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush, I LOVE Real Techniques brushes! I have every set of them. They are such good quality and really soft to. It blends the contour out so well and never looks patchy. This brush is quite a small tapered brush which is a really good size/shape for contouring. I don't think you can buy this separately, correct me if I am wrong but I can't see it on its own online. But it is part of the Core Collection set (orange) which you can buy for around £20. 

For blusher I use again another Avon brush, it is called their Blush Brush. Also really soft, it is smaller and more tapered compared to the all over face brush, perfect size for your cheeks. It does also distribute the product nicely and smoothly. This brush costs £7 which is cheaper than the other Avon brush and still a really good price. I can't find this on the Avon website at the moment, so it must be out of stock.

The last brush I use is my favourite! My highlighter brush. I use another Real Techniques brush and it is the Setting Brush. I love how smoothly it applies my highlight, it is not too big either. Again really soft and slightly pointed. This brush is part of the Sculpt (pink) set. You can actually buy this brush separate and it costs £6.99 which is really average for how good the brush is!

Where you can buy them:

So those are my everyday makeup brushes.
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  1. I've always loved the look of the real technique brushes, but haven't ever used them before, thinking I may have to treat myself to them at some point! x

    Han |

    1. They are such good quality, you should definitely give them a go! X