Thursday 8 March 2018


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I love a good nude lipstick and who doesn't? I have too many lipsticks and the majority of them are pretty much nude shades, so for today's post I thought I could share with you my favourite high end nude lipsticks.

Obvious one as everyone is obsessed with this lipstick but I do really love this shade. Not only the shade but also the formula, Mac matte lipsticks are so creamy and not drying at all. This is the only normal lipstick out of my favourite nudes and I will keep re-purchasing when I run out. I love the smell of Mac lipsticks also which I know has nothing to do with the shade but thought I would mention it. These lipsticks retail for £17.50, I think they have increased the price as I swear they used to be £16.50 which is annoying.

I have had this for quite a while in my collection and admittedly haven't used it for some time, but I did used to wear this all the time on nights out as it is very long lasting! This colour is so beautiful, as you'll begin to notice I love my browny rose shades. The only thing I don't like about these is that they can be quite drying which is probably why I haven't used it lately. These liquid lipsticks retail for £16 which is pretty standard for a high end lipstick.

For starters I love the packaging for this liquid lipstick so it's a winner to me already. I do also love how pigmented this is, I only need 1 dip of the product and I cover both my lipsticks. This shade is a pale browny nude which I love and these last such a long time! This retails for £16 which I think is such a good price for the quality of these lipsticks. 

Bare Minerals - XYZ
This has been in one of my monthly favourites before so I have spoken about it but it is still one of my favourite nude lipsticks. These lipsticks are very lightweight and comfortable on my lips and the colour is a more darker brown nude. As mentioned before it is the tiniest bit drying but I can live with it as I love everything else about it. This must be a limited edition shade as I can't find it anywhere, so I have linked the trio set it is included in which is currently on sale.

Jouer Cosmetics - Tawny Rose
This is another lightweight formula that I love, and they feel super comfortable. I have written a whole post on these nude shades from Jouer and if you have read that then you will know that I was a big fan of them and I still am. They are very pigmented, they stay pigmented for about 4 hours or so then they start to fade but you can easily top them up. These retail for £15 which is such a good price and is the cheapest out of all of my favourites.

(apologies for the terrible swatching)

So those are My Top 5 High End Nude Lipsticks, if you would like to see a drugstore version of this then please comment and let me know!
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