Monday 26 March 2018


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I love drugstore makeup but sometimes the quality is better in high end products, I have some how accumulated 4 travel sized Benefit Cosmetics Mascara's including the new Bag Gal Bang which is the most recent. In this post I am going to test these all out and let you know my thoughts on them.

Bad Gal Lash 
I'm not too sure when this mascara come out but I'm pretty sure its the oldest out of these 4 as I have never heard of it. I do like the packaging of this mascara it is black and silver, and the wand is huge with big bristles. This is most definitely a mascara that is more 'natural', it does not really do much to my eyelashes apart from make them look really black and gives them a tiny bit of volume. I will say it does last all day which is good, nothing worse than when it transfers everywhere and looks a hot mess. It's not my favourite but if you like mascaras like this then you should give it a go. 

They're Real
This was the first mascara that I heard of from Benefit but obviously never tried it as it is high end brand. Again I like the packaging (I like all of Benefit's packaging), it is dark grey and silver. The wand is very different, it is more of a plastic wand with the spikes coming out everywhere. This mascara does give me some volume which I love, it is a tiny bit clumpy but I like that so it does not bother me. Again makes my lashes really black - I'm not a massive fan of the wand just because it looks really aggressive (haha) but apart from that I do actually like this mascara and will wear it again. It does also last all day which is a bonus.

Roller Lash
I have been using this mascara a lot recently so the others have a lot to live up to. This mascara has probably my favourite packaging purely because its half pink, and this has a smaller curved wand with tiny bristles. This mascara does an amazing job at separating my eyelashes and it properly curls them. Like the other ones it makes my lashes really black which I like as my natural lashes are really fair, and it is very easy to remove as well. The wand is my favourite as it is really good for getting to the root of my lashes and really coating them, it also lasts on my lashes all day long. This is probably my favourite mascara so far! 

Bad Gal Bang
This the brand new mascara which I am very excited to try because I have heard really good things. The packaging is all black and the full sized mascara has a studded lid which is pretty cool. The wand is quite interesting, it is a long triangle shape with really tiny bristles and it is also very bendy which could be good we shall see. I have tested this mascara a few times now and I do have mixed feelings about it. I do like clumpy mascaras so if you do then you will definitely like it as well, it thickens them, it is easy to apply, it makes them super black and also feels like there's nothing on my lashes. The bendy wand does help it wiggle a little bit more when getting to the roots of my lashes as well. On the other hand, on both occasions it has transferred which confuses me as it is supposed to last 36 hours. It might be because my eyelids can get quite oily but none of my other mascaras do that. 

All of these mascaras retail between £19.50-£21.50 which is pricey but you do pay for the brand as well as the quality of the product. My favourites are the Roller Lash and Bag Gal Bang despite the transferring I do really like it because it gives me the most results in terms of the colour, thickness, volume and weight etc. Roller Lash is a really good mascara for every day wear and one you can rely on to last all day and still look good. Bag Gal Bang is really good if you want a more dramatic look, so I think I will be changing it up between these 2. The other ones were good but I saw better results in the 2 newest mascaras. 

So those were my thoughts on the 4 Benefit Cosmetics Mascara's.
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