Monday 12 March 2018


Well hello there!
As you all know I am obsessed with buying makeup and I try to stay up to date with the latest releases as much as I can. With drugstore it's easy for me to pick up as they're cheaper, but when it comes to high end makeup it is not as easy as I can't always afford it. Today I thought I would share with you my Beauty Bay wish list. If you don't know what Beauty Bay is, it is a website that sells a lot of different brands of skin care/ brushes and make up etc. 

When I saw the leaked picture of this eye shadow palette I knew I was going to want this, I did not like the colour scheme of any of their eye shadow palettes since the Modern Renaissance. This colour scheme is a bit of me and I have decided I'm going to treat myself on pay day to this, it costs £43.

I have been wanting this for ages because I have heard so much rave about it, it just seems so perfect for getting rid of spots over night. It is quite expensive for a skin care product, it's £16 but I can see that it will be totally worth it I just need to actually make the purchase.

Another palette I have been wanting to get my hands on is this, I love how versatile it is with the pops of colour. I still haven't experimented with colour but I do really want to give it a try. This palette offers 'wearable' and 'non-wearable' shades which I love. This is a more expensive Morphe palette which is why I haven't got it because it is £37.
NikkieTutorials is a makeup queen and I love her makeup skills so much. This collab collection with Ofra is something else and this shade of one of the highlighters is everrryythinggggg. This costs £25.

These lashes are beautiful and fluffy, they aren't actually that expensive they're only £10 but again I just have not got round to purchasing them as I have loads of eyelashes in my collection I haven't used yet.

All of the American beauty YouTuber's I have watched has raved about this setting spray, mainly because of the mist and how well it distributes the product. So I have always been intrigued to try this out and it costs £15.

I love full coverage foundations especially for when I am going out clubbing or have a speical event. This is supposed to be one of the most full coverage foundations out there so I really want to give it a go but it is £34 for only 20ml which is very expensive.

So that is my current Beauty Bay wish list, I hope you enjoyed.
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