Thursday 15 March 2018


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My mum is an Avon representative so she is always bringing a new catalogue home for me to look at. Avon is one of those brands that are not really spoken about on YouTube/Blogs, so I thought I would test out their matte lipsticks as they are fairly cheap. I picked up a set of 4 Matte Lipsticks which was on sale and only cost me £8 (not available anymore) but the individual matte lipsticks cost £8. The 4 shades in this set are: Au Naturale, Red Supreme, Pure Pink and Superb Wine. This lipstick claims to be: a 100% Matte look for a sculpted defined lip, lasting colour and comfort in just 1 sweep, colour stays true hour after hour, lightweight, hydrating formula, defines lips for a sculpted look, no drying, no cracking, no caking and guaranteed comfort.

The packaging is pretty basic, they are matte black and has the silver inside. It is matte which matches the formula of the lipstick (I love the little things). The lipsticks feel pretty light so you know this is a cheaper product and not that it matters but I love the smell of Avon lipsticks.


Omg I am just going to start off by saying how creamy this formula is! It glides on your lips so you don't need to put any effort into applying these and they are very pigmented. The only thing about these is that they don't try down completely matte, and they aren't transfer proof. I was waiting a good 8 minutes and they still hadn't tried down. Once I did remove the first layer of this thought it did look a lot more matte, so I would maybe blot the first layer off with some tissue for it to look matte.

I applied this lipstick at around 8am before work and to be fair it was completely gone at 14:00pm. That is quite a long time (6 hours) in my opinion and considering the formula of these, and I had been eating and drinking at lunch. If you blot this lipstick down it does become matte and transfer proof, which did make it last longer.

After going over what this lipstick claims I do actually think it is true to the majority of what Avon have said. The formula is very lightweight and creamy which I love, these are indeed hydrating they do not dry my lips out whatsoever, they are extremely comfortable on my lips and they are very pigmented. However there are a couple of claims that I don't agree with: it does crack a little bit but that is the longer you wear it and that they say the colour stays true hour after hour, it does begin to fade after a couple of hours. Overall, there are more pro's than con's with this lipstick formula. In regards to the price they aren't the cheapest matte lipsticks, but if you like the sound of this formula then I definitely recommend them especially if you have really dry lips. You can buy these here. If you are looking for a lipstick that is matte from the beginning then I would check out the Makeup Revolution Lipsticks because they are only £3 and the formula is a lot more matte, you can buy these here.
So that was my review on the Avon Matte Lipsticks.
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