Monday 19 March 2018


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Apologies for this post going up late, I think there was a problem with deliveries because of the weather. The theme for this month's box is spring - for your skin to feel refreshed and revived. I am only going to be talking about 4 of the products as unfortunately they had problems with the suppliers (weather), so I did receive a product I have already spoken about.

Make Up Drop Silicone Sponge - I do already own a silicone sponge but I've never actually used it, I think I'm too scared to try it in case it ruins my makeup application. I do feel like the trend has now passed but if anyone does use a silicone sponge then at least now you can have another one. This sponge retails for £14.50 which I think is a bit pricey, you can pick the same thing up cheaper in Primark.

Figs & Rouge Soft Focus Pore Perfect Serum - This is something I was excited about, it is a weightless and matte serum that is supposed to reduce the appearance of pores. I do have big pores so I am looking forward to seeing if this works. It also has a action anti-blemish formula in it to reduce skin impurities and combat breakouts. It sounds really promising to me so I hope it works, this is a full size product and it retails for £35! Wowee.

Mudmusky Nourishing Mask - This is an overnight mask that claims to hydrate, soothe and smooth your skin. It is scented with natural rose water which is supposed to help enduce a more restful sleep. This is only the travel size but the full size retails for £61.

Oryza Lipstick - Another product I am excited about purely because it is makeup related, it is a warm nude lipstick. The finish is satin and it claims to be lightweight so I will definitely be testing this out. I have swatched it and the colour looks beautiful and it is very pigmented. This is another full size product and it retails for £15.95. 

If you are thinking about signing up for Glossy Box, I would highly recommend because this box is only £10 a month! You can sign up here
So that is the Glossy Box Opening for March.
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