Tuesday 17 April 2018


Well hello there!
So I have a shopping addiction, especially when it comes to makeup so I have another haul to share with you, it is a mix of different brands.

If you don't know Makeup Revolution are getting rid of their 'Freedom' brand and replacing it with a brand new one 'Revolution Pro'. They have recently released tonnes of new products so I decided to buy a couple. I first got this mischief mattes eyeshadow palette which absolutely stunning, I don't have a palette like this in my collection which is why I wanted to pick it up. It is only £8! and it has 18 shades I can't believe that. I am now hoping now I have this palette I can experiment with my makeup looks a bit more.

Obviously I had to pick up a new highlighter - I wouldn't be me if I didn't! This palette has 3 shades: a blue, champagne and a pink, I have tried this palette (in a YouTube video - I will link my channel below) and I can confirm these highlighters are blinding. They are a tad crumbly but that does not bother me when they are this pigmented, and this cost £6.

I have already tried this mascara and loved it, hence why I have picked another one up. It is really good for separating and curling you lashes. The wand on this mascara is very unique and it makes it much easier to grab the root of your lashes and coat them properly. It is super cheap as it is only £7.99 so it is really good quality for the money.    

I bought this on a whim because it was 3 for 2 in Superdrug, but I am glad I picked it up as it is another drugstore palette that I am yet to try. Kind of regretting picking this up in the shade I did because I did not realise there were shades in the first place. The shades do look a little too dark for me which is such a shame but I will try and make this work! This palette costs £6.99 for the 3 shades and it is very travel friendly.

L.A. Girl Matte Foundation
I heard of everyone raving about this on YouTube and how good of coverage it has, so I thought it I would give it a go. I have actually done a YouTube video testing this which went up on Sunday so you can watch it here. L.A. Girl is an American drugstore brand so this only costs £10 which is so good, and I can confirm that this is a good foundation so if you have oily skin especially you will love this! 

This is a drugstore brand that I have never heard of before, not sure if its a UK brand or not. There wasn't many products of theirs on Beauty Bay but from what there was they were all so so cheap, and I saw this and thought it sounded good. It is a 2 in 1 foundation and concealer, so I was hoping it would have really good coverage. It only costs £5! I am looking forward to trying this.

Lastly, I picked up another Natural Bronzer by Rimmel because this is my favourite drugstore bronzer and so I keep repurchasing it. I have loved this since I first started wearing makeup and I will continue buying it in the future, it's such a good cheap bronzer. It is warm toned but not too much where my face looks orange, and it is very pigmented!

So that was my latest drugstore haul!
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