Thursday 5 April 2018


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Last month I put up a post with My Top 5 High End Nude Lipsticks, and for today I want to do the same but this will be for lipsticks that are waaaay cheaper. 

This is probably the first ever liquid lipstick I tried, it came in a set with a few others but this is definitely my favourite one. It is a darker nude but I used to wear this all the time! I don't reach for it as much anymore, purely because the formula wasn't doing it for me. The Colour Pop matte formula is very drying and I just have better formula matte lipsticks in my collection. Colour Pop is very cheap but it is an American brand so the shipping fees add up, this lipstick costs only $6.50 which works out to be £4.62.

I have spoken about this lipstick a few times on my blog so I must sound like a broken record by now but my god is this a good lipstick! It only costs £3! I love everything about it, the price, the smell, the colour, the formula and the longevity. If you blot this lipstick down that is when it will look matte and when you do it really does last a long time. This is such a beautiful browny nude shade, the packaging is to die for and it has such a creamy formula which makes it easy to apply.

Ooo another Makeup Revolution product - I don't even do this on purpose their makeup is just too damn good! This is different to the above though this is one of their matte lip kits. I have reviewed this fully which you can read here, but to summarise you don't need to spend £30 on Kylie lip kits when you can pop to Superdrug and pick this up for £6. These are very pigmented lipsticks that last a long time, they can be drying but the majority of matte liquid lipsticks are going to be. The formula is very creamy and comfortable, and this shade is stunning as well.

I don't think I've ever spoken about this on here but I need to because I love this formula, it feels super creamy and comfortable on my lips. I love the applicator on this as well because it is so easy to fill my lips in. This is another browny nude, quite similar to Stiletto but obviously this is a liquid lipstick. I feel like Nyx are at the higher spectrum of drugstore, these cost £7 which is really not that expensive but when you buy a lot of Makeup Revolution products you do notice it. I need to buy some more shades in this formula so if you have any recommendations then please let me know in the comments!

It took me forever to get this because this shade was so popular, I honestly haven't worn this in ages but it is still one of my favourites. It feels very comfortable on the lips which I love, it is really creamy and it lasts for a very long time. I love the packaging of all Sleek products and this is no different, its simple but looks more expensive then it actually is. This is one of my favourite nude shades and these lipsticks are very cheap as well as they only retail for £4.99. 


So those were My Top 5 Drugstore Nude Lipsticks.
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