Monday 23 April 2018


Well hello there!
I have tonnes and tonnes of lipsticks in all formulas and since discovering the amazing formula and quality of Mac lipsticks, I thought for today's post I would show you what Mac lipsticks I have. I don't have as many as a lot of people purely because Mac lipsticks are now even more expensive they are £17.50!

I don't really wear this shade, my auntie gave to me because she does not use it. It is a cremesheen lipstick and is a bright pink shade. 

Velvet Teddy
This was the first Mac lipstick I ever bought and I got it with the shade scent packaging which I love. It is one of my favourite nude lipsticks and perfect for anytime of day. It is a matte lipstick and is a browny nude shade.

Bosom Friend
This is the other lipstick my auntie gave to me as she does not use it. I have only worn this once and I only use it to lighten up the lipstick I have on, this is way too pale for me to wear on its own. It is a cremesheen lipstick and is a really pale nude shade.

I used to wear this quite a bit but for some reason I don't reach for it anymore. This is a another cremesheen and it is a darker browny nude shade.

This is my other favourite Mac lipstick and as you can tell I have worn this quite a lot. I love the formula of this because it's not drying and its not too shiny. This is a satin lipstick and is more of a pink/browny nude shade.

So those are all the Mac lipsticks I have in my collection, I have not got a lot at all but I thought I would share the shades I have. I do want to get some more but the price keeps going up, if I see a really nice shade I will probably pick it up. Mac lipsticks are really good quality as they are super full coverage, pigmented and long lasting, so you do get what you pay for.
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