Thursday 26 April 2018


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I have another review for you today and yes it is another Makeup Revolution product, who would have thought?! I picked up this Renaissance Illuminate Highlighter Palette in the shade Radiant Rose, they do have 2 other shades I believe but I feel like this was the most suited to me. This palette retails for £8, and you can buy these here.

It comes in this rose gold cardboard box that has a pretty pattern on it. I think they also have little eye shadow palettes with the similar packaging so it is not the first time we have seen it, but it is very different to the standard plastic packaging. When you open up the box and take out the product you are greeted with this gorgeous baby pink pouch which feels like velvet and is very soft. The palette actually feels nice and heavy which gives it that luxurious touch that you would get with a product 4/5 times the price. It opens up with these little ball handles which feels very fancy to do if I must say, and it does have a mirror inside (result!). Then I am presented with 3 beautiful shades, a pale icy shade, a light pink and a darker pink. It has a triangle pattern imprinted on the highlighters which looks very cool.

I used the lightest shade on my cheekbones and the middle shade very lightly as blush topper. After using this a few times I can confirm that to me these are definitely highlighters you need to build up in order to get the full opacity. Once you do build it up omg do these look stunning, the lightest shade is perfect for pale skin tones. It is not a powdery or chunky highlighter in the slightest, it looks beautiful and just melts into the skin. It gives it that sort of wet and natural look.

In order:
Lightest Shade
Middle Shade
Darkest Shade
Swipe Over All Shades

I wore these over a period over 8 hours, and when I got back home it still looked pretty blinding. It looked as if I had just applied, if not looked even better because it had really melted into my skin. I couldn't tell whether the middle shade had lasted all day as I only used a tiny bit over my blush to make it pop a little more.

So after using this a few times I have come to the conclusion that this is a really good highlighter palette, for me I will probably be using the lightest shade the most. If I do fancy using a blush topper that's when I will use the middle shade. The formula of this is definitely one of their best highlighter formulas to date, just because they are not powdery, they do not kick back and the product just melts into your skin. It also lasts all day long which tops off how this good this is. Even if you have tonnes of their highlighters already, just go and swatch it and try it out because to me I 100% think this is one of the best formulas from their brand. I will definitely be wearing this time and time again, I have had a couple of people ask me what highlighter it is I'm wearing when I have this on, so when that happens you know it's good. 

So that was my review on the Makeup Revolution Renaissance Illuminate Highlighter Palette in Radiant Rose.
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