Monday 9 April 2018


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I have picked up a few of Primark’s new makeup collection, their contour sticks, their body shimmer and the matte eyeshadow palette. I also picked up their liquid concealer which I am going to tell you about as well. As soon as I saw the nudes collection was out I was so excited to pick a few of these products up because I love the packaging, I think it’s the best packaging they have brought out so far.

Contour Sticks
This kit includes a contour stick, a highlighter stick and a brow bone highlighter, these are all cream products. The contour stick has a different colour at each end, one if more of a cool shade and the other is more warm. I used the cooler shade as I feel that suits me more when I am really pale, it does look really dark when you apply it but after you blend it out it does tone down. This does blend out very easy as well and actually looks really nice when blended out, I do like this contour stick and I will be using it again. However, I had a bit of a different experience with the highlighter stick. I'm not sure if its because its a stick formula but it completely ruined my foundation underneath so I stopped using it straight away. The other end of this stick is bright orange so I didn't use it - I don't even know who would? It's literally bright orange! The last stick is a brow bone highlight, which is good it does what it says and I had no problems with it. The colour is very icy which I love but not sure if everyone would like it. This set did come with a brush but I'm not going to lie I completely forgot to use it, but I have heard and seen that the brush end is quite good. This set cost £8.

Contour stick swatches

Highlighter stick swatches

Brow bone highlighter

Body Shimmer Dust
I actually used this as a highlighter because I could not resist the shade looks perfect for my skin tone. It's a loose shimmery powder that is supposed to be for your body to make it look more luminous. Omg I love this, it looks stunning!! It almost melts in your makeup so you don't have a streak of highlighter on your face it looks beautiful. It almost looks wet on your skin which I love, sometimes highlighters look like they're just sitting on your skin which does not look as 'natural'. This only costs £4, its so cheap and the product is amazing. I love the packaging as well it looks way more expensive then what it actually is.


Matte Eyeshadow Palette
I also picked up the matte eyeshadow palette, which can I say it has one shimmer shade in it so not sure why it has matte in the name. I love all the colours in this palette, its not got all warm tones in it, it has a good selection of cool and warm tones. These don't swatch the best on my arm, but on the eyes they are quite pigmented. They do kick back a little but that does not really bother me, once I tapped off the excess none fell on my face. I love the shimmer shade in this palette because it is an icy shade and I love that. The matte shades were actually more pigmented then I thought it was so I am very impressed with it and I will definitely be using it again.


Liquid Concealer 
This isn't in the nude collection but I saw this and thought I had to get it because it's only £2! The packaging does look quite similar to the Nars radiant concealer but it feels very light compared to the Nars one. The applicator is quite messy if that makes sense like it's not clear what the shape is but it looks quite thin and flat. The product itself is very thin so you need to get some more product to build it up. I will agree with the claims and say it is medium coverage, I'm actually very surprised with this as I thought it was going to be sheer and have no coverage but it does. For a concealer that's only £2 I am very very impressed because even after wearing it for 5 hours the coverage is still there.

Swatch (Porcelain)

Apart from the contour stick set I am generally very impressed with these products, I think a lot of people doubt Primark make up because they're not a makeup band specifically but I believe some products are just as good as drugstore brands. The prices are so cheap as well you really can't go wrong and if some of the products do not work for you then at least you have not spent a lot of money. I love the packaging of the nudes collection it is very Kim K and the eye shadow palette looks like the Kylie Jenner ones. For someone that can't afford Kim K or Kylie Jenner products I think these are good buys. I did not think the contour sticks were completely worth £8 just because of shades as they will not suit everyone so I think they should have had a light, medium and dark kit. That being said I will continue to use the majority of these products especially the eye shadow palette and the concealer.

So that was my review on some of the new makeup released in Primark.
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