Thursday 6 December 2018


Well hello there!
If you are like me and LOVE makeup gift sets then you will really enjoy this post today, I have seen some really good ones this year and can't wait to share them with you. Some of these are even on my Christmas List!

There are 4 liquid lipsticks in this set that all look to be beautiful nudes with a stunning red lipstick. They also all have Christmasy scents!

I absolutely love the formula of these, if you love full coverage liquid glittery eyeshadows then you will love this set.
I have never tried any Nars powder products so you know that this is on my Christmas List! I have always wanted to try them but they're so expensive so I am glad they come out with this gift set.

Benefit Sweeten, Buttercup 
I have tried every product in this set and I love all of them so if you have not tried these yet, I would highly recommend checking this out.

 I love the idea of this set, you get a mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, powder and eyeshadows all for 20 quid!

How stunning does this set look?? I don't even need to say anything about it, it speaks for itself!

I am personally very excited for this gift set, you get 2 exclusive eye shadow palettes, a face palette and a glowy bronzer. You can't buy any of these individually which is a shame but I think £30 for all of it is such a good price.

This is an amazing gift set, it includes not only 6 full size eyeshadow palettes but 2 face palettes AND 3 lip glosses as well! This one is also on my Christmas list, this would be perfect for makeup artists or if you love collecting makeup like me.

I couldn't not include this, you know I love doing my unboxing every month. They have come out with an amazing advent calendar this year that's worth over £300! However this only retails for £99 OR if you are a subscriber you can get it for £75!! How insane is that.

I have wanted to try these for the longest time and this year you can get 3 in a set for only £16! I have heard such good things about these and yes this is another set that is on my Christmas list!

So those are a few makeup gift sets that I love the look of this year! Let me know if any of these are on your Christmas List in the comments.
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