Friday 7 December 2018


Well hello there!
Today I have a collaboration post to advise you on how fashion can help you express yourself. 

Fashion is art. There are those who might criticize it. You might consider finding new jewellery you love, or purchasing an expensive coat you’ve saved up for, or applying a new makeup palette to be the height of narcissism. It’s instructive to see what happens to these people when they are given an outfit that makes them feel beautiful, confident or think of themselves in a more positive light. The beauty of fashion is that it gives us a chance to express ourselves. It can also be a good marker of how we feel about ourselves at a given time. This doesn’t mean you need to dress in the most expensive or elaborate of outfits in order to feel yourself. But the condition of your clothing, its fit, and how you wear it, can say a lot about your personality. There are no right answers, only how you feel.

But how might you express yourself? In this fun post, I have collected a few opinions and attitudes related to personal freedom in fashion, and hope to inspire you to curate your own. Feel free to add some of these suggestions to your Christmas shopping list!


Funky fashion is the bedrock of expressing yourself. Might it be adding a little more of the punky attitude you hold within to your actual wardrobe help you show your most feisty self? This could be achieved through beautiful nose jewellery or finding beautiful high boots, or even hair arrangements and apparel. Sometimes we just need to show that we respect ourselves, and a little funky flair can help you do so. No matter how you think of yourself, it’s likely you have a little bit of confidence in you. Finding this through fashion can open the floodgates to this, and help you relax in yourself as you deserve to.


It might be worth upgrading your professional wardrobe. You may decide to opt for more professional wear, such as purchasing glasses for work, proud blazers and even find a hairstyle to best complement your morning routine to show that you are someone with an inner competence to be respected. Dressing as an executive woman can be powerful, and show that you’re not there to mess around. Be sure to wear nice, well fitted garments no matter what, and you’ll look presentable, sharp and ready to take names.


Sometimes you just need to shine like a diamond. You might decide to purchase lingerie to the level you’re comfortable, or simply decide to wear more bold jewellery. It can also be effective to consider your makeup schedule, perhaps trying a new palette from a beauty influencer, or give yourself room to find your best tanning solution. Radiance means difference things to different people, but as far as I'm concerned whatever makes you shine is worth a look-in.

I am certain that with a little patience, a little care and a little experimentation, you can enjoy all of the tips in this list to the highest degree.

So there you have it, I hope this posts helps you on how you can express yourself.
Thank you so much for reading,

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  1. Ooh, I loved this post! Was something different for you and you wrote it really well💗💗