Saturday 15 December 2018


Well hello there!
Today I have an exciting post because it's in collaboration with Courtney Jayne, it's exciting for me because I actually know Courtney personally. We went to the same secondary school so it's nice to speak to a familiar face that shares the same passion as me. She is a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger who has a big passion for Badminton as well so go check her out and give her some love, also check out her Twitter and Instagram to. For our collaboration we actually gave each other Christmas Box's, we had a budget of £20 to get whatever we wanted to. I had so much fun picking out things for Courtney as I love getting other people gifts and I really hope she likes it all! Just a disclaimer I did not come up with this idea myself, I saw that Soph Hearts and Hello Bexa did a box swap collab and thought it was such a good idea that I wanted to try it myself! Let's get into what Courtney got me...

Courtney got me the most thoughtful gifts I can't believe how lovely she is, the first things are a mug and a key ring that have my blog header on them, and the background is pink glitter with a big A in the middle. How amazing is that! I love them so much I don't even want to use the mug I just want to display it. The key ring is going straight on my car keys, I am so impressed with them. I think I'm going to put some of my makeup brushes in the mug as I want it on display on my dressing table. My favourite colour is pink so it makes these even better!

The next thing is a pair of eyelashes from a brand called LA Splash which I have heard of but I don't have anything from their brand until now. These are in the style 'Extra' and let me tell you they are extra! The most dramatic lashes I've seen but I'm so excited to try them as it's very different for me. The brand is cruelty free which is always a good thing and what makes these even better is that they are super affordable at £4.50! They are synthetic mink and they look very fluttery. 

Next I got a Pure Essence Pearl Sheet Mask by a brand called Holika Holika which I have never heard of before. It is a brightening sheet that makes your skin radiant and flawless with pearl extract. I love sheet masks because they're not as messy so I am so happy to get this and I will definitely be giving this a go soon. 

Courtney also got me a few makeup items as well which was so nice of her and she obviously knows how obsessed I am with makeup revolution! There are 2 lipsticks, one that is in the shade 'Absolutely Flawless' which is a beautiful nude shade and I love my nude lipsticks! ( should see my collection). The other one is in the shade 'Red Carpet' which is a stunning red colour and is obviously perfect for the festive season! The last thing Courtney got me is the liquid highlighter in the shade 'Starlight', I do already have this one but I am keeping it as a back up for when my one runs out. I love this product so it will definitely not go to waste!

So those were all the products that Courtney bought me, thank you so so much I love every single thing that was in the box! Don't forget to check out Courtney Jayne's Blog to see what products I got her.
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