Monday 3 December 2018


Well hello there!
For day 3 of Blogmas I thought I would share with you a mini haul I ordered on Beauty Bay! I promise my posts will start to get more Christmasy after today I just love doing hauls for you all. I haven't got many BH Cosmetics products in my collection so I'm interested to try these out.

I have been wanting to test this out for the longest time but just never got round to purchasing it. When Beauty Bay had their sale on I could not resist as it is originally £18 but went down to £10.80 what an absolute bargain! I really have not seen anyone review or talk about this so I am very excited to try it out for myself. I love the concept of it as there is 2 palettes in 1, both of which have mirrors which I think is amazing and obviously I love the packaging because it's pink. You get 18 eyeshadows and the pan sizes are very decent, I think even for £18 that is such a good price considering it's a collaboration with Shan xo (YouTuber).

Yep so I got another bronzer and this is so I can find more drugstore ones as my favourite bronzers are high end. I did buy the medium shade but that is because I looked at the shades online and the lightest shade looked too light and won't bronze me up as much. This one looks perfect for pale skin, as I did swatch it just to see the shade. This has got a satin finish, I haven't tried it yet so not sure what it will look like but I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like.  I love the white and gold packaging and it comes with a mirror to which is very handy for on the go. This is a super cheap bronzer retailing at £7.75 and I got it for only £3.87 in the sale!

I have a lot of makeup brushes in my collection but I need a couple more blending brushes, this went down to £2.06 in the sale so again I could not resist. The brush feels so soft and I love the handle it feels like a high end brush when I literally only paid £2 for it! It has had a lot of great reviews on the website so I'm excited to give this a try myself!

So that is all of the BH Cosmetics products I got!
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